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CFA Level III Forum

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Wife/spouse support during last few weeks Yorch 16 AbrahamIsaac2 weeks ago
Bullet points/essay answers laci06 7 danv03302 weeks ago
Effective spread - concept andrevc 22 andrevc2 weeks ago
Then make sure you did everything you could to prepare—enroll in a review workshop to ace it on exam day.
Motivational music during L III CitiBank's Cashier 11 Flashback2 weeks ago
Candidate Stats kgsgp 5 jra3h92 weeks ago
Excel vs Golf googs1484 googs14842 weeks ago
The process googs1484 4 Flashback2 weeks ago
Calculating Midpoint For Effective Spread (CFA Ahmed) vida_blue 21 RickBankiel2 weeks ago
Applying for CFAI membership JGus66 4 Onward2 weeks ago
Don't you just hate it when you change answers to the wrong one or forgot a super easy calculation because you were too tired h21 1 Flashback2 weeks ago
Thanks Lord studied GIPS well CitiBank's Cashier 11 googs14842 weeks ago
Just don't get the answer NutsAM 7 googs14842 weeks ago
London morning 8.30am- lock out MR-STRESS 25 MR-STRESS2 weeks ago
Is it normal to feel totally under-prepared? h21 41 NANA Hachiko2 weeks ago
Level 3 "official" pass rates for AF candidates? BBRV 8 AlmostDoneIII2 weeks ago
Thank you and Good luck everyone N.VanCandidate 12 N.VanCandidate2 weeks ago
MPS jra3h9 22 ponch10802 weeks ago
Used a 2B pencil for the PM. Should I be worried that it might not be machine readable? e.kwapong 7 Onward2 weeks ago
Finished AM in 1hr 45mins PM in 1hr 20 mins Killua 61 abashtavy2 weeks ago
Work experience question: Credit analyst: Commercial banking zen123 10 alzayats2 weeks ago
2017 AM was a gift to us AlmostDoneIII 16 kgsgp2 weeks ago
Pre-Test Poll : If you knew then what you know now, would you have signed up for CFA Level I? h21 21 danv03302 weeks ago
2017 AM Mock Q37 BBRV 11 BBRV2 weeks ago
Historic Result Dates BullandBehrMarket 23 JayWill2 weeks ago
Best of luck! S2000magician 25 S2000magician2 weeks ago