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CFA Level III Forum

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Results date on the 28th of August Rising Alpha 9 Rising Alpha1 month ago
Time taken in Exam KC_Options 11 Mattyj71831 month ago
Assimiliating back to civilian life Slim Charles 20 spencediamonds1 month ago
2018 CFA III errata -Important Changes UWPSP 38 Rising Alpha1 month ago
2018 Level 3 MPS Zava2218 7 Goldmin1 month ago
Asset manager code FrankCFA 1 lumscx1 month ago
If you could pick one book to take with you into the exam... blahdeblah 21 sydneyguy1 month ago
Return distribution of high yield bond lumscx 5 Candidcam1 month ago
L3 prep provider, who is best? IFT, Mark Meldrum, others? kp@2018 42 financialstudent1 month ago
CFA Level II/CAIA Overlap dirtysurplus 10 MrNoFear1 month ago
Study Clarifications tomars2 10 YoungMan241 month ago
CFA Level III 2017 Official Results Thread Viraj Swaroop 571 FinGrad1 month ago
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When is the AM questions and answer guideline released rahul1707 5 financialstudent1 month ago
Yield Curve Twist Goldmin 16 lumscx1 month ago
Post exam: What would you have done differently firefirehelphelp 14 Spacecowboy11 month ago
Availability v Representativeness Slim Charles 7 Mr RS1 month ago
Don't forget we can report what we think were errors/questions that were poorly written/or didn't have an LOS Mattyj7183 9 Mattyj71831 month ago
Fund Calculation - NAV - High WaterMark Gram 9 arbguy1 month ago
CFAI Mock Exams AM/PM Scores Spencer791 77 Hjernetrim1 month ago
Discretionary vs Fixed Trust? vg 30 ov251 month ago