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CFA Level III Forum

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GIPS_Pratice Problem_Q36 chancornelius chancornelius2 weeks ago
Equity Value Calculation olajideanuoluwa001 3 Flashback2 weeks ago
conjunction fallacy and gambler fallacy (page 133 of curriculum) cfa2014 2 Mr RS2 weeks ago
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Study/Exam Prep - What to do after full review? AlternativeQ 2 Mr RS2 weeks ago
Monetization by short sale against box u4462952 2 u44629522 weeks ago
Asset Allocation / Currency Management ameevakil 6 BraveBucket2 weeks ago
returns-based style analysis (RBSA) Blackou 9 hellomrtee2 weeks ago
CFAI Online practice questions way too easy? Redwood State Park 2 Flashback3 weeks ago
Question about material specific to 1 country. MikeHams 4 BraveBucket3 weeks ago
MBS maturity premium Kiwi NZ 3 BraveBucket3 weeks ago
Redudant Historical VaR benefits? Redwood State Park Redwood State Park3 weeks ago
Any errors or other correct answers on 2017 AM section? B-M 2 B-M3 weeks ago
Life insurance - needs analysis mat127 13 Sam3 weeks ago
Asset Allocation, a few definitions simonbean 2 BraveBucket3 weeks ago
Reverse Optimization AlexMo 1 BraveBucket3 weeks ago
Lots of errors and typos in FinQuiz material Redwood State Park Redwood State Park3 weeks ago
March and April Study Planning Help hbeytollah 7 hbeytollah3 weeks ago
2018 Mock Exam hbeytollah 1 cpk1233 weeks ago
2017 Actual Exam Ellis 21 B-M3 weeks ago
Choosing the correct synthetic derivatives formula rbarrow1030 3 Flashback3 weeks ago
FX Swaps to Roll Forward Contracts analystDC 11 S2000magician3 weeks ago
Convexity Crypt81 2 Crypt813 weeks ago
Roll yields and shifting analysis to hedging/not hedging PreDRaR66 1 ejs1903 weeks ago
What is the best order to study in Level 3? Mr_T 3 Flashback3 weeks ago
Headline earnings vs Normalized earnings Jack Law Jack Law3 weeks ago