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CFA Level III Forum

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Reading 24 EOC 27 jlion1786 jlion17862 weeks ago
G-Spread to Calculate Interest Rate Hedges (CFAI book vs errata) taytus taytus2 weeks ago
Using interest rate Puts with lending Codtrawler87 8 Codtrawler872 weeks ago
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AM Session Advice Needed amanpereira 1 Codtrawler872 weeks ago
return requirement calc mrb102189 2 Swe_Viking2 weeks ago
What category is GIPS in? foshizzle 4 Epsilon2 weeks ago
Active risk carolinesherif 2 DoYouLikePhilCollins2 weeks ago
Asset Allocation - Reading 19 - Surplus Return theoffice93 1 pchris892 weeks ago
Securities Lending strangeviper 2 strangeviper2 weeks ago
Risk Tolerance kashirsarwar 5 S2000magician2 weeks ago
Carry trade: MM mock exam #5b Swe_Viking 2 Swe_Viking2 weeks ago
pension plan lizihengtotti 2 lizihengtotti2 weeks ago
Collar Question mrb102189 5 DoYouLikePhilCollins2 weeks ago
discount rate for human cap mrb102189 1 125mph2 weeks ago
implementation shortfall lizihengtotti 10 125mph2 weeks ago
Schweser Video and Classes super disappointing this year! N.VanCandidate 1 125mph2 weeks ago
Cash Equivalents - Inflation and Relative attractiveness Drkrayola 1 125mph2 weeks ago
VaR lizihengtotti 7 125mph2 weeks ago
trader type lizihengtotti 5 saurabh031219922 weeks ago
Concentrated position in publicly traded shares - risk-free rate vs money market return wannabe1988 5 wannabe19882 weeks ago
FRA chartermarter 2 ov252 weeks ago
Equity Port Mgmt Rainboi Rainboi2 weeks ago
Why is VWAP Unsuitable When Order Size is Large Relative to Trading Volume pheonixza 8 pheonixza2 weeks ago
Short term interest rates in a recession chartermarter 2 125mph2 weeks ago
Question re: interpretation of the forward rate jdavidsigmon 1 jdavidsigmon2 weeks ago