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CFA Level III Forum

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Inter-market carry trade charlesyy 2 charlesyy6 days ago
Positive/negative roll yield foshizzle 1 S2000magician6 days ago
MM Mock Exam 3 PM - Question 20 (Options and Effective Duration) ry1293 1 S2000magician6 days ago
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Butterfly vs Straddle Tactics 4 rsparks6 days ago
Calculating Implementation Shortfall is like... Tactics 2 foshizzle1 week ago
2018 CFAI mock problem 6A foshizzle 1 THE_REAL_Black_...1 week ago
Return calculation FV or PV foshizzle foshizzle1 week ago
When to use (days/360) vs ^(months/12) DL1719 3 keroppi37851 week ago
Ethics / GIPS Inconsistencies Voyager3 8 Voyager31 week ago
Don't understand what Carve-out is in GIPS examlife 6 qcw5121 week ago
resampled efficient frontier; black-litterman approach, and monte carlo simulation linhmanhho 7 qcw5121 week ago
Brain Cramp the day after a full mock keroppi3785 2 zigogh1 week ago
CFAI official 2019 mock Codtrawler87 34 Funny Girl1 week ago
Question IPS return calculation longjing longjing1 week ago
Annualized return for HF - EoC Q11B book 5 DL1719 1 foshizzle1 week ago
CFAI AM "Calculate" Mind The GAAP 2 Joe_831 week ago
Asset Allocation- Goals Based, pg. 291 example mheithy mheithy1 week ago
Fractional basis points (ie. 18.7bp or roundup to 19bp) cool1_boy1 cool1_boy11 week ago
Within Sector Selection - Lancaster Case 3 jad1 week ago
Cobb-Douglas pgianatassio12 6 qcw5121 week ago
Behavioral Finance CFAI webesite question 21 Renewables_CFA 2 Renewables_CFA1 week ago
Synthetic cash Verylucky333 2 Verylucky3331 week ago
Some GIPS questions flyingdragonamy flyingdragonamy1 week ago
numbers, images and words on the pen and pencil lizihengtotti 1 Torsten551 week ago
Essay Test 2016 - Fixed Income Hardball 3 Torsten551 week ago