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CFA Level III Forum

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Surplus optimization / correlation coefficient TrackSuitInvestor 1 125mph1 month ago
I am going back to farming, quitting finance daalroti 21 Yeolmae1 month ago
Past Papers Jehanzaib Zafar 6 Jolie1 month ago
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Interest Rate Floor - First Payoff pheonixza 7 S2000magician1 month ago
Advice for grappling with same concepts in different readings? jyk026 jyk0261 month ago
Blue Boxes without Numbers WallStreetFit 1 125mph1 month ago
Mean variance framework Mann_19 1 Mann_191 month ago
Seagull Spread lizihengtotti 1 125mph1 month ago
5 or 10 years of GIPS compliant performance Codtrawler87 3 Codtrawler871 month ago
Minimum-Variance Hedge Ratio lizihengtotti lizihengtotti1 month ago
Reinvestment Risk vs. Price Risk lunacy 5 S2000magician1 month ago
Notes only - which provider is best wowpravin 1 125mph1 month ago
smaller 90% hedge to improve performance sinep 2 sinep1 month ago
CFA member on resume? foshizzle 1 Torsten551 month ago
Synthetic Cash position with Equity Futures 125mph 1 125mph1 month ago
A question about collinearity in joint optimization, when hedging multiple currencies kekeuibe 10 tickersu1 month ago
Level 3 mocks and practice questions Drockk93 9 S2000magician1 month ago
Level 2 pass letter hope2014 3 rahul17071 month ago
More Carry trade wonderwall 2 wonderwall1 month ago
Carry trade wonderwall 4 wonderwall1 month ago
What's the progress in studies so far? shrubaks123 37 125mph1 month ago
what does "pick-up" in yield mean? sinep 3 sinep1 month ago
Yield curve strategies absolutezero 2 absolutezero1 month ago
Reading 24 Practice Problem 7 sinep 9 absolutezero1 month ago
Real Estate diversifer for a 50/50 (equity/FI) portfolio. 125mph 125mph1 month ago