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CFA Level III Forum

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Curriculum Changes 2017-2018 cuddle cuddle1 week ago
What were your two most fun topics across all levels? FlashForward 13 S2000magician1 week ago
2016 CFA Level 3 Exam Official Results Thread Ibliss 534 zoomwalt1 week ago
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My productivity is down to ZERO; I feel paralyzed :-( tibwa tibwa1 week ago
Was Level 2 Results day more difficult to handle or Is Level 3 Results day more difficult to wait for? FlashForward 5 Chris75051 week ago
Most difficult or not well explained topic among all three levels, if any? If more than one? FlashForward 5 danv03301 week ago
Finished AM in 1hr 45mins PM in 1hr 20 mins Killua 97 Bryanchike1 week ago
S&P 500 Open gap on Aug 8 and Level III results. Hedgee 4 1Team1Dream1 week ago
FRM investment_tool 15 Mikewinner1 week ago
If you pass, what would do with all the additional time you would have now? FlashForward 24 Infidel Cash Flo1 week ago
Given a choice of wating 45 more days for results with added bonus of 85% chance of getting 5% added to both AM and PM scores, FlashForward 15 big_h1 week ago
How much would you pay to get an extra 5% on the test? B-M 8 SMG231 week ago
Wise words from Carl Schweser, for all of you who pass L3 this Tuesday Onward 7 S2000magician1 week ago
Are you going to revisit this forum, if you pass? FlashForward 29 MunicipalBob1 week ago
correlation of 2 datasets with exact same values familyguy1988 2 Hedgee1 week ago
Is aggregation the trend now Hedgee 2 Hedgee1 week ago
Was the average hours logged about 400/450 hours or is it higher? FlashForward 56 Hedgee1 week ago
If you pass and your firm doesn't pay membership fee... SMG23 2 Hedgee1 week ago
CFA L3 candidates, what is your current field/designation of work? FlashForward 3 mannz1 week ago
Access Scholarship Status hellohello 4 googs14842 weeks ago
alert pass rate l3 CitiBank's Cashier 1 bostoncfa20142 weeks ago
if PASS, what would u do with CFA approvd. calc? CitiBank's Cashier 19 lePAul2 weeks ago
Applying for membership Fredo 26 bostoncfa20142 weeks ago
How much of the L3 content do you remember? rexkicker 9 hashtag2 weeks ago
What is the most innovative way you can think of via which you would like to be notified of your CFA results ? FlashForward 7 heshoos2 weeks ago