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is the most misused feature of this entire forum.

yeah, I may be trolling with every sentence I type. But for me to go from 110 positive karma to this, in a few days, all because some slack jawed, limp wristed, Pakistani princess wants to write a code to do so, is not right either (admitting that being a facetious troll is not right too).

lets make it to where if you downvote someone, that you have to wait at least three days to downvote that same person again - and then enforce that via IP address too, because all these dip shts have multiple accounts………

karma is essentially meaningless - we can agree on that - but let’s face it, the way you (Chad) have it coded right now is just asking to be abused. Just look at Ohai for example… that guy has negative karma all because what… because he’s real with people? All the meanwhile he is the shining bastion of everything any of us could ever dare to dream of achieving in finance!! That combination is utterly absurd. The current karma system only caters to the weak, who can’t handle the truth… let’s not enable them any more.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

I’d like to note it’s really only broken in the WC. It’s working pretty well in Careers and really well in the CFA forums. 

There is obvious vote manipulation going on. Ohai and I get an automatic two downvotes no matter what. Others somehow get upvotes within minutes of posting. There have been instances of people gaining or losing hundreds of points overnight. So, yeah, it’s being abused by bots and/or neckbeards. 

I agree if we want the system to work better, something needs to change. Not sure what the right answer is besides hunting down those responsible and banning them.

Sweep the Leg wrote:
I’d like to note it’s really only broken in the WC. It’s working pretty well in Careers and really well in the CFA forums.

That’s, unfortunately, not remotely true.

Over the weekend I sent Chad an e-mail in which I cited a thread in the Level III forum in which every post save the newest one was downvoted.  It’s stupid.

Chad said that he’s looking into whether he can identify the member(s) who is (are) abusing this.  If so, they’ll likely be banned.  If not, the feature will be removed.

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^That’s a bummer. I don’t spend much time in the CFA forums, but when I last ventured that way I noticed helpful comments being upvoted. 

We may simply not have a large enough community to support a voting system. It’s too bad when there’s not enough people willing to hit the upvote button to overcome what’s essentially two or three downvotes. 

I hope people realize that the alternative to a voting system is heavier moderation. If the community can’t take the time or care enough to help make this site better, they will no longer have a vote…literally.