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Lost reading schweser for Part 2.... Is Bionic Turtle any better?

Hey Guys,

I am using schweser for my preparation for Part 2. Being from non-finance background, I want to go for exam oriented study. Reading through schweser gives me a feeling that there are too many extra stuff in there which are not needed. Is this true?? Is Bionic turtle any better??

Anyone from India who can help me in resourcing Bionic Turtle videos and notes (videos always help ;p). Kindly msg me if any wants to sell it.

Thanks Guys..


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I’m afraid you’re just going to have to go through the material. I have both Schweser and BT materials and I can tell you, if anything, that the Schweser material is actually more geared towards someone in your shoes because they provide you with Point A about the material before moving on to B, C, etc. Bionic Turtle, while quite good, seems to be written with the assumption that you have already digested all of the GARP source material first, and then are using the BT notes as a summary after the fact. Most folks I know don’t study that way. The reality is, it’s not an easy exam, and there are no shortcuts. Also, there was like 41% turnover in the Level 2 material for 2013, so providers have been struggling to keep up with the preposterous AIM release schedule – for instance, not all of the L2 readings from BT are even available as of this writing. They are still trying to catch up, and in my view, using the old BT notes from 2012 is a lousy strategy at this point because of the high material turnover. Just stick with what you have, but you must dedicate enough time to doing it – that’s my advice, anyhow.

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This is the response I got from BT - they can be very rude when u ask questions. Their Study Mats are not well organized at all and when u ask questions on the BT forum - this is the response u can often get.

“  I cannot provide you with detailed support constantly: i would just have to shut down the business to answer your questions every day! Please feel free to ask questions, but you don’t need to address me every time. And, further, if you are going to ask so many questions, maybe you can occasionally try to provide help to somebody else. I can’t find a single example of you trying to help anybody else. Maybe be a fountain sometimes, not just a drain! Thanks, David  “