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FRM – Total Costs

Assuming a candidate registers for both exams before the July 31st cutoff:

Enrollment: $300
FRM I Exam: $350
FRM I Books: $250
FRM II Exam: $350
FRM II Books: $295

Total (not including shipping on books): $1545

Is that right?   Are there any other costs?  I am assuming people buy practice exams, 3rd party study materials, etc.  

This is really adding up…

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i can confirm you level-1 costs. 300+350+250+ 50 bank charges if you use wire transfer/ 0 if you use onlline credit card + bank charges that your bank will charge in dollars while you make wire transfer + shipping and handling cost of books that could be roughly 100 + if you buy any third party material add its cost as well.

there is not enough practice questions in GARP FRM books, so even if you study from official books you need some practice questions for sure.