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No Answers to Practice Questions in GARP Books?

Am i missing something or does GARP not provide the answers for the practice questions at the end of each topic in their official curriculum? It seems crazy to me that they’d ask you to go through the process of attempting to value a derivative without letting you know what the answer is….

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hey EastCoastJ … we need to come out of CFAI experiance HAHAHA 

accept the fact, we need another source for practice questions…

by the way i started reading one of the FRM level-1 official curriculum book and i find it interesting, very well written, no excessive details, exactly to the point like notes. im enjoying reading the book. but sure we need to have another source for practice questions.

Yep, thought I was going blind or crazy or both seeing there was no answers.

It is beyond ridiculous.

Who could possibly have considered it to be a good idea to provide questions without answers.

Someone needs their f**king head examined…


Heyho, life goes on.

Keep smiling!

mrdjb, CFA