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I started studying for part II a few weeks ago and i’m fiding the material much harder than part I. It seems much more dry and technical and not very interesting. anyone else get the same impression? it seems like i will have to dedicate a lot more studying time to this exam

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Can you share the material for FRM part 1 if you have?

I am going to register for level 2 now. Will start study soon. It is my second time. I tried november last year but failed. last year I studied only from schweser. What material are you using.


i have started with Schweser for part 2 and i too am finding it a bit dry. Good thing i found is most of the chapters are of 3-4 pages, which motivates me to finish them fast.

i for now read 2 pages at night before going to bed, 2 pages in morning before going to office. so far i have been able to complete a couple of small chapters and keep my motivation high.

reading FRM topics i have understood one thing that is it is more technical and dry than CFA and there is no use thinking about this but to buckle up and just read.

i used Schweser for part 1 and did pretty well, although i thought the exam was killer and didnt think Schweser’s q-bank did a very good job of simulating exam level questions. What really helped me on the first exam were the online classes by Schweser. The instructor did a good job of explaining / dumbing down the topics and pinpointing where we should focus our studies on. My goal this time around is to read throught all of the books once before classes begin (i think they start in late Aug) then re-read everything a second time and do as many questions as possible (last time around i think i did each question twice) until i fully understand the asnwer.But going back to my point…..this stuff is really dry so its taking some serious effort from me to read throught it.

Here is a facebook FRM group that I have joined. It might be useful.