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Creating short videos for FRM guys

Hi I have cleared both levels in my first attempt only. For benefits of fellow FRM students like you, I am in the process of creating a repository of videos covering entire syllabus. You can go to my Youtube channel by clicking on the below Link and browse for videos.

As of now, only a couple of videos are published. I will be publishing the rest very soon.

As FRM candidates, If you can come up specific concepts you would like to get clarified at the earliest and mention in the comments section of the videos, I will try to prioritize them and publish in coming days.Also you can subscribe to the channel and click on the like buttons and share with your friends who are not in this forum but someone who you care for and feel that they should take advantage of my videos. Thank you.

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Hi I have created a short video to build basic concepts on foreign exchange. If you like the video, please click on Like, subscribe button and put your comments, as that’s the only way I can receive your feedback. Feedbacks are very important since they keep the communication two-way and engaging.

I will create other videos later on to take you through other concepts in foreign exchange. All you have to do is to listen carefully to my videos. Thanks!!