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Which service provider (or combination of) should be used for FRM Level 1 Exam?

Dear FRM Charter holders / Candidates

I hope all of you are doing well and thriving in your careers. I am planning on starting the FRM program and in this regard did some research on the most efficient way to prepare for this exam. After reviewing several posts at analyst forum and other sites following is the summary of my research:

1) Kaplan Schweser: Schweser does a decent job at explaining the core concepts but it’s practice questions are not of representative difficulty for the actual FRM Exam.

2) Bionic Turtle : BT has incredible questions and they are very representative of the actual exam questions. BT notes are good as well but they are not very comprehensive. In other words they should be used as complementary reading only to GARP/Schweser study notes.

3) Wiley: Wiley is relatively new to the FRM scene but recently Mr Christian Cooper (one of the best FRM Instructor) joined their team after which their material was revised and they have become real good.I was not able to find much feedback on Wiley Notes and would appreciate your feedback here.

4) GARP Notes: GARP Notes are very comprehensive and they should be used for reference to enhance understanding of concepts that are not adequately covered by service providers.

I know there is not right or wrong answer to this but some of you might have used various combinations of materials for this exam. I request some feedback from you in regards to what worked for you and any other advice you want to give that would help me prepare for this exam.  

I thank you all in advance for reading this and providing your feedbacks.


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I primarily used Wiley and GARP materials. I also utilized BT’s forum.

I didn’t like Wiley’s question-bank format. They didn’t have enough questions. I prefer Schweser online-bank format…, but like you said, Schweser’s practice questions are not of representative difficulty for the actual FRM Exam.

BT does not have a question bank. BT has its questions as a PDF…, and it’s often updated. I heard they are quality set of questions.