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Last 15 days preparation

Hi guys,

Can some FRM qualified guide me for last 15 days preparation. Currently i am practising with schweser practice questions…total 1100 questions across 4 books…i found them to be really good…currently done with 400 Questions..plan to finish the same by 10th Nov.

i have found few topics to be very imp

VAR especially theory..

Spot, futures and yield calculation…

Can some1 throw more light on this?

Also plan to do the 2 practice test  ( given by schweser in last week for actually FRM actual simulation )..

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Hmmm my Schweser books only have 5 concept checkers questions per reading. Where are you coming up with 1,100 questions across Schweser books?

I did two Schweser Mocks and also did all BT Mocks and GARP Mocks back to 2010.

I do not ask for the trust nor give it to you.

i got a CD with FRM has some 1100 questions….

I think you may be a little over-prepared Flashback.  At what year do the mocks become less relevant to the current content?  Also where do you find the old mocks?

All GARP® Mocks 2016 - 2018 are similar by difficulty level and are even redundant in questions. Everyone should receive a 2018 exam upon registration by GARP.

The mocks since 2015 and older are a bit more difficult and are shorter with only 20-40 questions. There are some outdated area more in P2 mocks than in P1 within Current issues chapter.

I’m may be a bit over-prepared for P1 because of two key reasons, I’m a still a relatively ”fresh” CFA Charterholder which helped a most with P1 preparation. I’m taking a P2 as well, and studying for P2 helped to nail P1 material with all those fancies about VaR and Basel since this is a key material more in detail explained in P2 curriculum. And yep, I have started studying in February for both P1 and P2. I’m looking at this as one common exam and will not try again in the event of failing.

I do not ask for the trust nor give it to you.