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CFA in June and FRM 1&2 in December

I’m sitting for CFA lvl 3 in June and I’m thinking about sitting for FRM 1&2 in November. I have a pretty relaxed job schedule next fall so I’ll have quite a bit of time to study. Is this idea completely nuts or worth a try?  

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Just coming across this now. I’m also doing CFA L3 for june and did FRM L1 Nov 2017, CFA L2 2018 and FRM L2 back in Nov. 2018 It is quite possible to do both exams and pass at the same time. I separated them as i didn’t want to risk it but looking back on it now, it is quite doable. It will be a long day though! the L1 exam starts at 8am so have a look at your closest test center as it may not be in the cbd. For me it was a 45min drive. 

Just be mindful that covering both levels means covering about 3000 pages of text which is similar to CFA l2; however, the key to me passing was doing 4-5 GARP practice exams and 1-2 third party exams over-and-over again like Schweser (used for L1 and did really well) and Wiley for L2 (good for understanding the qualitative concepts in L2). Also, I hear good thinks about Bionic Turtle but never used them except for youtube videos.

Just also note that some of the GARP past exams do have errors so doing multiple year exams help find these errors out. 


Is there any overlap?  (just did cfa3)

what’s the size of a level?

hah, just saw the blogposts comparing the two on the right. Good job analforum