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FRM Level 1 - Help

I am planning to sit for FRM level 1 in May 2011. I am little confused as to how to prepare for it. I am a full-time MBA student and I think I can spare at most 120 hours for FRM level 1. From the information that I have gathered till now, following are the things which one can use to prepare:

1. Schweser Notes (Includes 3 books for Level 1 plus practice exams)
2. GARP core readings
3. FRM official HandBook (6th edition, nearly 700 pages)
4. Bionic turtle notes + Videos

Now I know its a very subjective call, but can you guys tell me what all I need to study to PASS the exam. Someone told me that I need to study FRM official handbook and schweser notes to pass it on the other hand, someone else told me that schweser alone is sufficient.
Please help me out guys!

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Hi - It all depends on your background, but if you only have 120 hours to study I recommend BT. They have a lot of great tutorial videos, great practice questions, and a very active forum to exchange questions. BT is also cheaper than Schweser. In addition, you should also get the old FRM exam questions provided by GARP. Good luck!

When you recommended to study BT , did you mean that I should study them because I got less time at my end or more ?
Regarding my background, Engineer + Cleared 2 levels of CFA Examination + MBA Full Time Student.
I want to pass the exam and I think that is more important to me right now. Now, among schweser and BT, which one of them will require less effort and energy ?
Please suggest

I think 120 hours is too short. Most people spend 200 hours. I spent 300 hours reading the textbooks and using BT videos and questions. I wanted to pass on the first try just like you.
I don’t know much about the Schweser materials for the FRM, but I have seen threads that don’t recommend it. On the other hand, there are people who pass it with Schweser only. BT is only $199 and you can watch the videos whenever you have time and do questions and read their notes. I would start sooner than later.

Are you also studying for the CFA level 3 in June? If that is the case stick with the CFA and take the FRM in November because you won’t be able to do both and the MBA.

Good luck!