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Part 1: Too easy this time around?

How did everybody do?

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Yes. it was easy for me as well or may be i studied well. hehe.. Still time management was an issue. I had to guess a couple..But it was good exam and i felt great about it.. after leaving the site..

Dubai, UAE

i feel so and so about how i have done and can’t say i found it too easy. i think i passed though (perhaps 1 section 1st quartile, 2 sections 2nd quartile, and 1 3rd quartile). Either way I will not be taking this exam again and that’s for sure! 4 hours exams is grueling and I think that by itself my lead even someone who is very well prepared to errors and I don’t care for taking that chance again….
anyway good luck everybody with your results!!

Everyone kept telling me how difficult it was and kept scaring me into studying.

I guess it worked in my favor. I was able to finish the paper relatively quickly. I think I had a reasonable basis for 99% of the questions. Might have taken a guess on 1-2.

Overall, I found the paper lesser than my expectations. I think the pass rates should stay >50%

And for everybody who thinks schewser doesn’t prepare you enough, THINK AGAIN.

I could easily relate all the questions to the material covered in the schweser books. Some lateral thinking was involved, yes. But, they covered it all.

YES, it was easy. However, I did literally miss the last “TWENTY QUESTIONS”. I don’t know what does missing 20 questions mean… but If i score about 70% on the first 80 questions and than I score 10% on the last 20 questions (the ones that I arbitrarily filled) … I do not see any chances for passing :(

You didn’t get enough time to finish all 100?

I think that I am sick today :( … i was dizzy and exhausted during the exam! My memory, focus, and speed were low… I reached through question number 80 and there was about 15 minutes before the exam time out. I filled random answers the last 15 or 20 questions!! Plus, of these that I answered, I would say that maybe some 20 or 30 questions I wasn’t sure about the answer… I am tremendously mad about my situation since I spent more than 500 hours studying for this and I was scoring high on all practice tests; even during the exam I knew that the questions seemed easy but my brain couldn’t function properly … I wonder if I have any chances to pass :(

Don’t worry about it. Lots of candidates have passed unexpectedly.

I was sleep deprived myself. But, I managed to complete the paper ahead of time. An hour maybe.

I think I was in game mode from solving a 1000 questions in the past 3 days

Well… lankylint you are awesome.. u did well. extremely well..

I am glad that i was all ok.. But agree with shades that time was an issues and last 10 question had to be in a hurry.. But i knew the answers.. :)

Dubai, UAE

I did notice that the questions were getting progressively more difficult and tricky. The final few took me a lot longer than others.

I also found that I used to calculate a lot of values and realize that none are needed because it was a trick question.

when i was skimming the questions, i knew that they were easy for sure! I can tell – but had no time. Well, it would be surprising if I pass, but if I pass – that would be something haha :) I am glad for all of you guys who did well in the exam, it was easier indeed.

I think the passing score should be around 60 correct. Don’t worry shadEs, you’ll be fine.

Hi Guys.. So how would we know about the passing scores…?

Dubai, UAE