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Loans and advances to customers

what are the differences between the followings? and how do i compare between them?

Loans and advances to customers, net

Gross balance of loans and advances to customers

Total loans and advances to customers

Thank you.

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In a loan, the borrower borrows an amount of money, called the principal, from the lender. Borrower is obligated to pay back to the lender at a later time. The loan is generally provided at a cost, referred to as interest, which is an incentive for the lender to provide the loan. A borrower has to pay the principal, amount borrowed, plus interest. Money can be paid after a certain date, or partial repayments, or in regular instalments.

Funds provided by the bank to an entity for a specific purpose, to be repayable after a short duration is known as Advances.

so whats the difference?

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igor555 wrote:

so whats the difference?

If the above answer is right, it would be advances are short term loans reported seperately. GAAP often requires debt due within 1 year to be reported in its own category

Edit decided to see what Google had

wish OP mentioned GAAP

"You want a quote? Haven’t I written enough already???"