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Ideas to Start a Company

Hey everyone,

Right now I’m working for a financial company in my country (although I don’t apply much of what I have learned from the CFA Program Curriculum), but I’ve always been fond of entrepreneurship in general. I really enjoy finance in all of its areas (Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, etc.) and I have a great time studying for the CFA exams; I’ve also notice that there isn’t a lot of specialized professionals in finance where I live (“emerging market”). 

I’ve been wondering if I could start my own business in the area of finance, but I guess I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’ve been browsing randomly on the internet for info on Fintech, boutique investment firms, financial consultants, etc. and trying to take online courses on everything I can get my hands on (I also have a Masters in Finance from a good local Business School). 

My question is: has anyone attempted something similar, that is, start your own business (maybe with the advantage of being in a not-so-competed environment) in the area of finance (be it Fintech, consulting, etc.)? Any advice on this matter or stories you would like to share? 

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I started financial consulting for small businesses. It was ok, I just couldn’t keep up with a good pipeline of business. 

My main focus was to map out a business on excel to provide certain financial goals. Many businesses run solely to churn a profit without knowing specific cost and profit centers. 

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