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Manage own money?

I’m curious how many of you (CFA charterholders and candidates) manage your own and/or family and friends money? By “manage” I mean you have some sort of discretion over the money and how it’s invested. I’d also be curious to hear if you’re compensated for it or do for free.

I manage my own money in various ways, e.g. I do some fund allocations in my 401k based on an algorithm given there’s not many options available, and I trade options (e.g. mostly sell underlyings that have high implied volatility, and use mostly delta neutral strategies like sell strangles/straddles/iron condors) in my individual brokerage account.

Just curious how common these strategies are in this community, and how many stock pickers (whether short term or long term value-oriented stock pockets) there are here. 

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401k - S&P 500

ira/roth: individual stocks. stock picking. buy and hold long term. i contribute around the time i file taxes in full. and buy a single stock.

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yesofcourse manage own and friends/family and am compensated. yesofcourse stock picking. highly concentrated portfolios for me and my close family.

contribute once a year, wow

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igor555 wrote:

contribute once a year, wow

We don’t all get consistent cash flow from Israeli govt bonds like you. Some people contribute less often.

i know some who contribute regularly, but that only makes sense if no transaction costs when i first started and had a small acct, if started with no transaction etfs. but now i prefer to purchase individuals, so i like to deposit 5.5k all at once, and purchase a stock once i have at least 8k available

I love my cheese. I got to have my cheddar.

I’m 30. Not a high-roller like you guys but I do ok career-wise (financial modeling at a US management consulting firm).

401k in SPX index. This is the biggest account.

Cash in bank for emergency covering six months (I don’t mess with this).

I manage my personal trading account in Scottrade (value of around $30K, I put in around $26K over two years) in individual stocks. When I started two years ago SPX was at 2100, so in hindsight I fell short of the market gains, but I learnt a lot that I couldn’t have experienced by putting it all in SPY and studying for level 1 and 2. A few bets backfired terribly (Kinder Morgan, Macy’s, Fitbit), just as a few did extremely well (Activision, Shell, Valeant). I don’t do any derivatives or short plays. 

At some point (I guess when account grow past $50k) I’ll cut back on individual stock-picking and allocate across sectors and markets because it’s easier, less risky, less time-consuming, and less stressful.

401k and personal account.  401k is contributed monthly and all in index funds.

personal account is also index funds and small percentage in individual stocks.  Also have some in the fund i work at - 401k beats it hands down lol.

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Moved 80% of my net worth into Bit Coin yesterday. 

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keep most of my money in venmo

It’s whatever, just make it count.

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By “401k - S&P 500” you mean…100% of money is just in SPY, SPX, or some equivalent? 

I manage my own and my parents.  Parents are index funds and LendingClub.  Mine is a mix of bank stocks, index funds, LendingClub, and real estate peer lending.  I just go wherever I think the most attractive returns are at the time for me.  For my parents, it is keeping them from following stupid advice of some guy in a suit with a CFP

Yep 100%. It’s the cheapest option. 6 bps. I have like 100k.

yesofcourse wrote:

By “401k - S&P 500” you mean…100% of money is just in SPY, SPX, or some equivalent? 

I love my cheese. I got to have my cheddar.

we should do the irr thread again for 401k

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Tactics, how high would you let the value in your Scottrade account build up?

Do you guys think about intermediaries like Scottrade going bust?


401k is long only active strategies. dollar cost average.

unless you’re in ER, i don’t know how people have time to play individual companies and read cash flows. i guess you can use an existing fund’s current holdings if you trust their screening process. then overweight/eliminate names based on your own conviction. probably the most time effective route if you like a concentrated portfolio.

i keep some cash sidelined for swing trading. I employ it if I feel there is an asset price dislocation.. typically use leveraged ETF/ETNs that deal in short term futures for commodities/volatility. most of my activity here is a hedge against a repricing in equities. most people don’t like these vehicles because of negative roll yield, but they still have purpose if you can get in/out quickly.

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Manage my own money…and recently convinced my girlfriend to manage hers as well…I use a screen with a combination of Short Interest, Analyst Price Target to Current price, 52 week price percentage change, 4 Starmine models, Volume (avg at least 100k/day over past 12 months), and RSI for potential entry point.  Once I find some suitable candidates through the screen then I dig a little deeper (macro factors, industry analysis, etc.,)  been using this for the past year…although not killer results but consistent…recently went long…