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Aurora (Cannabis stock) ACB


I’m analyzing for my job the stock ACB involved in the Cannabis space and by looking at the Financial Reports in the official website, I realized the numbers are un Canadian Dollars, also there are no filing in EDGAR. 

My question is if the US investor is buying a stock in US Dollars from canada (ADR) or a Canadian stock? For what I can see the stock trades in NYSE and TSE but it seems weird that the filing isnt in US Dollar.


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If it trades on NYSE, it’s an ADR. I don’t know if there is a requirement to file USD reports - I guess if you can’t find those reports, there might not be such a requirement. 

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Wrong.  If it has the same ISIN, it is freely transferrable without a transfer agent (like in the case of an ADR).  Examples: TD, RY.   Must trade at the same price net of the USDCAD spot fx.  An Adr can trade at a premium / discount bound by the ADR creation/redemption costs.