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Hey Guys,

So I currently have the investment strat of 60% Equity (Mainly trackers S&P, some EM trackers etc)/23% bonds (USD treasury ETF) and 17% Cash (In the event for market turmoil - which I expect - I am able to purchase more cheap equity).

Any agreements? 5-year horizon with Moderate risk profile

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For a 5 year horizon, it seems pretty risky 

Really? I thought I was on the conservative side

he is a new analyst prolly in his 20s/30s, so i would guess he has a super long time horizon. anyways the best advice i can give you is to not try to time the markets. markets very likely will fall more, but we are down maybe 13% from the peak so it isnt that bad to buy right now. 

anyways: 85/10/5. detailed breakdown below.

55% eq - etfs/mutual funds 60%, individual stock 40%

20% real estate eq

10% private business eq

10% bond like (loans to fam)

5% net of debt cash. just for emergencies!

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dont time the markets….”markets very likely will fall more”…

"You want a quote? Haven’t I written enough already???"


What interest are you earning in cash? If it’s less than say 2.5%, you are not using your capital effectively and should move it into something with better yield. 

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