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Profesional Subscriber Fees?

I use Schwab for my personal account, and I tried to use their Street Smart Edge platform, but it won’t let me login and gives me a number to call. Turns out since I’m a licensed securities rep, I have to pay professional subscribers fees to be able to use their live feed platform (similar to Etrade pro or TD’s ToS). Schwab is $120/mo instead of it being free since i place more than 10 trades in a month or something like that. They say it is a NYSE regulation and I see a bit about it online but not much.

Just wondering if anyone else is paying “professional subscriber” fees.


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It would be unethical to do, so I certainly have never done this nor will I, but if you happen to manage your parent’s or another trusted person’s IRA/brokerage account through Schwab/TD/eTrade, you could always log in to their account and get live streaming that way. 

thanks for information.