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Net Capital Expenditures

Hi all, 

I’m currently trying to find the CAPEX for a specific year. The company is a medical device company. The company does not explicitly state the capex in the f’ statements. From what I got from the website, NETCAPEX = PPE1 - PPE0 + Depreciation1. 

Also, the NETCAPEX for 2 of the 4 years is negative. Sources also states that negative CAPEX is acceptable in real life examples. Is that true?

How do I get CAPEX from NETCAPEX? 

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Back out the gain and losses on asset sales 

NETCAPEX = PPE1 - PPE0 + Depreciation - Asset Sales

..and hereby you’ve got the answer about negative periodical CAPEX which is exactly the net gain of sales of aged or obsolete equipment (under assumption of still going concern).

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