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Beyond Meat – vegan based burgers. Seems glaring overpriced but the momentum continues to climb. I’ve been weighing buying some Nov puts but there is little volume and the prices are insane. Anyone thinking of going against the grain with this stock?

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a friend of mine thought itd be funny to write calls on this overpriced **** for wsb.

at the time the price was 155.  so he wrote 7 naked calls with 170 strike. he collected about 1k in premium, but it was expiring in 5 days.

long story short, had he held, he would have made 1k. but he panic sold and lost 1k when it popped up.

anyways the price of bynd is now 210. hialrious

i also know someone that works there that is worth prolly at least 1.5m to 3m due to options.

I love my cheese. I got to have my cheddar.

the borrowing costs are out of this world - i think it may be the most expensive stock to short and with the recent momentum i’d likely say that part of that must be from a short squeeze (likely further pops down the line to this). 

aside from the FACT that these burgers are not healthy for you is the alarming studies showing quite the opposite, that the pea protein isolate used in the majority of the foods composition is highly tarnished with glyphosate (this isn’t to say the majority of vegis are immune). The thing is, BYND has the backing of the large fertilizer companies so any research even making the suggestion pea protein can cause cancer will be heavily refuted and ultimately pushed aside (i saw this in a recent pubmed ncbi posting). Not to completely derail the topic but i also see the collusion going on as it relates to emergency usage of known bee killing toxins and the removal of bee population numbers being collected in surveys. 

The true innovators, many coming from Israel such as Aleph Farms and Memphis meats, will be the difference between optimized plant-based “meats” and the true disruptors building cellular meats. One concern is the funding is coming from the likes of Tyson Foods which may present a conflict of interest as they continue to amass ownership.

We’ll probably look back on livestock treatment in a similar lens as the Holocaust. All of us (myself included, still consuming poultry/fish (overfishing is an issue all itself) will be labeled enablers in which we knew it was wrong but didn’t like the alternatives. Until then, progress is progress i supposed, even if it’s coming from an inflated company.

broke my heart

"You want a quote? Haven’t I written enough already???"