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Websites for Stock Research

Hey all, 

I was wondering which websites you use to read some research. I am aware of and

What else is out there that you think offers decent research reports?



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This forum. What stock are you looking at? Black Swan will have a write-up to you in a couple hours.

Honestly, publicly available info (meaning non-paid research) can be found easily just by looking up the ticker on Yahoo or Google and reading what’s under the latest news. Between that and doing your own due diligence (I assume you know where to find the company’s financial statements, quarterly conference calls, and other filings) you have access to 100% of the facts.

If you have a personal brokerage account at TD/Interactive Brokers/anywhere else, they often provide some paid research for free.

Eh not 100%. I’ve been in those meetings with investors. I’d say you have 90% to 95% of the facts. The smaller the market cap, the smaller this percentage goes. But you are also isolated from some of the lies management teams tell as well. Not all companies even have quarterly calls 

Sweep the Leg wrote:

Black Swan will have a write-up to you in a couple hours.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.