I have to compile a case study/stock report on Puma for potential new analyst at our buy-side firm. Any comments thoughts would be super helpful.

So far what I have here is:

  • Analyse the company and provide your earnings forecasts for the next three years.

    • What is your view on earnings growth potential?

    • What are the earnings drivers?

  • Competition

    • The starting point for understanding the investment case for any company is to understand the environment the company operates in.

    • How does Puma compare against its competition?

  • Financial Statement Analysis

    • What’s your view on the Balance Sheet?

    • Whats your view on the Cash Flow Statement?
  • Comment on Puma’s valuation

    • What’s your view on their valuation multiples (P/E, P/S, EV/EBITDA, PEG ratio etc)

    • How would you compare Puma’s valuation against peers?