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R - tutorials/learning materials The_Dentist 5 preppie6 years ago
LULU whatsyourgovt 13 bchad6 years ago
Financial Advisor vs. Buyside? woodywoodford 16 former trader6 years ago
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Sold the 170/175 Put Spread on GS for 4.50 for Fri expiry lockheed10023 lockheed100236 years ago
Equity valuation analysis real world sferns.89 4 sferns.896 years ago
Market Sucks, Dealers Pinning GS at 165 for expiry... lockheed10023 lockheed100236 years ago
Financial Modeling - Consolidation of equity accounted associates Anny Anny6 years ago
Delta Hedged Portfolio question lovefinance 11 lovefinance6 years ago
Quant analysis of managed funds The_Dentist 7 sumit19916 years ago
Backtesting on Bloomberg fh2763 1 LPoulin1336 years ago
Can Someone Explain this to me... Yonis 3 lockheed100236 years ago
SCTY whatsyourgovt 4 Yonis6 years ago
Sold May Put Spread 18/19 on DAL for .51 lockheed10023 lockheed100236 years ago
Strips - a basic question... Parrot 4 rawraw6 years ago
Geez, bited the big one today... But left some shortness for Visa lockheed10023 lockheed100236 years ago
Portfolio management essential reading? woodywoodford 4 bchad6 years ago
Cyber Security MoreMoneyPleas 2 MoreMoneyPleas6 years ago
ADP report whatsyourgovt whatsyourgovt6 years ago
ZNGA beats earnings whatsyourgovt 2 Palantir6 years ago
Q1 2013 earnings plays/thoughts/etc... ZeroBonus 11 whatsyourgovt6 years ago
AAPL at 6x After-Tax Earnings? chad.sandstedt 27 CFAvsMBA6 years ago
JNJango Unchained Matt Likes Analysis 1 krazykanuck6 years ago
Trading News MoreMoneyPleas 8 ZeroBonus6 years ago
IBM,MSFT,GOOG Triple Miss on Bottom Line... lockheed10023 13 Palantir6 years ago
Emerging market valuations jacobs11j1 2 middleClass68916 years ago