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Difficult decisions

ohai wrote:

Last Season of Lost was really weird and the writers basically admitted that they didn’t have a plan and just made sht up with every episode. 

My Mom got into it a year or two ago and she liked it. I think the issue were the fans themselves, that we set high expectations and the writers couldn’t deliver, that the theories were better than the writing team. I’m guessing the show is better without outside influence.

I know someone drew the parallel to west-world, and it’s possible it goes down the same route. Although I have faith in HBO to turn out something good, and for them to hire writers that have learned from previous mistakes.

Lost was a great show for most of its run, but I think it went on longer than it should have. In later seasons, the show had strong viewership and I guess it made sense to keep going, even if there was no coherent plot or long term story line. The fans themselves then started to pull theories out of the air as to why things made sense, even though it was clear to new viewers that the writers were just pulling stuff out of their ass. That’s my take anyway.

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