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This leads directly to some very scared Ds, namely Kamala Harris.  They keep trying old tactics in the new world and they keep stepping in it.  Enjoy the show. 

Good rundown here.

What do you think, AF?  Even if it’s a hoax is it still Trump’s fault?


I hate agreeing with you but dammit I agree with you.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It be like that sometimes.

Yikes. Folks learning the hard way that we are no longer a banana republic and law and order is back in a big way.

Oooh it gets better:

“DOCUMENTS Show Chicago Police employed top FBI Supervisory Special Agent specializing in investigating child sex trafficking, child prostitution, child sexual abuse to investigate the Smollett hoax case. Did Jussie Rat Out Hollywood?”

Turd, it should not have been a surprise that the cult of Hollywood, skilled actors who are adept at creating elaborate fantasies and influencing millions, are allied with the DNC necro-satanist pedo-oligarchy. For generations, they have been guiding the nation towards the organization’s own nefarious goals. Could this be the final “curtain call” for this conspiracy? We await your news with eager anticipation.

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Wasn’t Kermit the Frog Smollett in Muppet Treasure Island?

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