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Good heuristics

Nery, what will you do when you have baby and have to bring them to the playground and hacksaw places like that? Or will you just go to the club and grind as a family? 

“Visit the Water Cooler forum on Analyst Forum. It is the best forum.”
- Everyone

sadly i dont even go to the club anymore. last time i went was in february.

playground is actually pretty fun though. i go with my 3 yo nephew and 1 yo niece every now and then.  i get to show them cool **** they cant do like climb crap and jump off places, run fast.

but hopefully they can keep themselves happy on their own. usually an ipad does the trick. lol

I love my cheese. I got to have my cheddar.

My MO used to be to be very nice and polite but forthright until I had any indication that they weren’t interested in which event I would immediately back off.  It always amazed me how many were genuinely aloof until the pull back and then suddenly became really keen.

Alternatively, just pop a ring on your left hand ring finger.  That seems to drive them wild.

Griingo, I think I see what you mean. That said, if it came down to that (them being aloof then chasing as I move on), my general sense would be that we probably aren’t compatible.