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Hey YO Brooklyn

Mobius Strip wrote:

ohai wrote:

I mean Indian Accent is ok I guess, but I wouldn’t put this anywhere near one of the best restaurants in Manhattan.

what are some of the best restaurants in Manhattan? Im relatively new to the scene and seeking expert guidance, tanks. Been to Indian accent already

If you’re asking about fine dining, my favourites are Momofuku Ko, Eleven Madison Park and Jungsik but my taste usually veers away from french fine dining.  If that’s more your thing then La Bernardin is probably the best.  Per Se is good too. I never think any of the Boulud places are at the same level.  

If you prefer a bit more casual and like mexican food I’d recommend Oxomoco.  Lugars is worth a visit if you like steak although it’s a bit touristy. 

brooklyn fare mates

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