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Putin trolls Ukraine with biker rally

“Ukraine has protested to Russia after a leather-clad President Vladimir Putin visited the annexed Crimean peninsula to attend a bikers’ festival.

Its foreign ministry described Saturday’s visit as a “blatant violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty”.

Ukraine said attempts by Moscow and its media to present such visits as routine were “pathetic”.

Crimea was annexed from the Ukraine in 2014, triggering a wave of ultra-patriotism in Russia.”

Russia seems to already be able to do whatever they want in Crimea. At this point, he’s just doing this because they know they will get mad. 

 The Russian strongman, 66, was snapped grinning at a bike show in Sevastopol

 He squeezed into a set of VERY tight leathers

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ukraine the poorest  country in europe is talking ****? honestly how can you have hot chicks and be poor. does not make sense.

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^ What? Just look at the entirety of Latin America.

^ used to be true, but now latin america is fighting for the number uno spot as the fat people’s heaven