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Water Cooler

Topic Started by Replies Activity
baby boomer problem! lack of retirement and social security Nerdyblop 3 Nerdyblop1 week ago
The Genocide of Bees whatsyourgovt 12 Malee1 week ago
MAGA GuyOnABuffalo 2,225 igor5551 week ago
Human Instrumentality project comp_sci_kid comp_sci_kid1 week ago
First Presidential Debate whatsyourgovt 52 guest1 week ago
Man eats live snakes Gabelogan 179 Isaiah_53_51 week ago
According to one estimate, wealthy couples in NYC need $190 million to keep their heads above water king_kong 45 Black Swan2 weeks ago
How does 1 define porn addiction? Let us discuss Nerdyblop 8 Greenman722 weeks ago
Do you regret that you didn't go to Med School? StreetFighter 42 Malee2 weeks ago
Why do people keep going to Nobu ohai 22 Isaiah_53_52 weeks ago
Is Pokhim still around ? SamCryBaby 3 StreetFighter2 weeks ago
Music I'm listening to. soddy1979 1,409 hpracing0072 weeks ago
Are Hyenas going be the next hipster pet replacing pitbulls? elcoelhon 21 Codtrawler872 weeks ago
Im dead serious... Systematic 1,172 GuyOnABuffalo2 weeks ago
Simple Susan vs. Complex Carl Greenman72 124 Nerdyblop2 weeks ago
Trade War igor555 270 igor5552 weeks ago
Best Comedians? Malee 2 Nerdyblop2 weeks ago
Trump goes to North Korea picture gallery ohai 7 Greenman722 weeks ago
Economic Aastha Jha 3 Black Swan2 weeks ago
Need Excel help Greenman72 5 Nerdyblop2 weeks ago
Industry Terms You Can't Stand Destroyer of Worlds 286 Destroyer of Worlds2 weeks ago
Dante Basco ohai 14 Nerdyblop2 weeks ago
What has happened to WC is a disgrace. StreetFighter 58 Nerdyblop2 weeks ago
Putin at G20 ohai 4 Schopenhauer2 weeks ago
Networking,how to do it ? SamCryBaby 6 comp_sci_kid2 weeks ago