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Water Cooler

Topic Started by Replies Activity
investing waht you spend. just a funny thought Nerdyblop 2 CEO10K-DAY6 days ago
Baby Jail, fair oder nein? elcoelhon 20 Black Swan1 week ago
Panic: The Untold Story of the 2008 Financial Crisis igor555 2 hpracing0071 week ago
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INS Arihant gives India an edge against its neighbours ohai 12 hpracing0071 week ago
What's there to do in Austin TX? CEO10K-DAY 33 rawraw1 week ago
Biggest LOSER in America? igor555 108 Black Swan1 week ago
Reddit - saw a chick I grinded on in instahotties Nerdyblop 12 Nerdyblop1 week ago
Triple SPY looking pretty good right 'bout meow CEO10K-DAY 42 igor5551 week ago
Secret missile doesn’t explode, but brandishes knives to shred target ohai 2 hpracing0071 week ago
Going solar Greenman72 18 hpracing0071 week ago
What’s good water cooler?? CEO10K-DAY 9 CEO10K-DAY1 week ago
CNN asks 'How black will the royal baby be?' hpracing007 5 ohai1 week ago
Recommend me some new socks CEO10K-DAY 18 breadmaker1 week ago
NY Times: Congress, Give Trump His Border Money ohai 11 Nerdyblop1 week ago
TSLA LBriscoe 131 Nerdyblop1 week ago
Endgame (SPOILERS) Sweep the Leg 8 Nerdyblop1 week ago
Industry Terms You Can't Stand Destroyer of Worlds 279 Griingo1 week ago
Pound Town ohai 4 Griingo1 week ago
Family-friendly fun in Southern California Greenman72 20 Greenman721 week ago
Mueller impanels grand jury GuyOnABuffalo 614 LBriscoe2 weeks ago
Trump Approval Rating Gurveer 1 Sweep the Leg2 weeks ago
Rent or Buy a home! Lets discuss! Nerdyblop 86 DPBass882 weeks ago
Witcher comp_sci_kid 1 ohai2 weeks ago
It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay what's your plan ? SamCryBaby 10 comp_sci_kid2 weeks ago