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Water Cooler

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First Presidential Debate whatsyourgovt 71 Nerdyblop1 month ago
What A Democratic Socialist Convention Is Like hpracing007 19 brain_wash_your_face1 month ago
PTO in US...myth or reality? TrackSuitInvestor 8 hei.so1 month ago
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Financial Analyst job? Yeolmae 2 CEO10K-DAY1 month ago
Connect with your roots StreetFighter StreetFighter1 month ago
More than 20% of millennials claim to have no friends ohai 14 Nerdyblop1 month ago
50+ dead, 400+ injured in Vegas mass shooting ltj 462 Nerdyblop1 month ago
ICE Arrests Hundreds in Mississippi Raids Targeting Immigrant Workers frankybarnes 14 Nerdyblop1 month ago
dora the explorer hot and illegal? what is going on here Nerdyblop 8 igor5551 month ago
why do people not have independent thought? Nerdyblop 16 igor5551 month ago
Hug your loved ones tonight CEO10K-DAY 12 ohai1 month ago
Credit card pizza1995 16 Lucy251 month ago
Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day! If you can change your citizenship, where would you choose? Nerdyblop 26 Lucy251 month ago