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Water Cooler

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Bezos claims extortion by AMI and Trump igor555 13 Schopenhauer1 month ago
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She poppin, she rollin, she rollin She climbin that pole and I'm in love with a.... 100 people strip it down! Nerdyblop Nerdyblop1 month ago
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Industry Terms You Can't Stand Destroyer of Worlds 255 Nerdyblop1 month ago
Future of FM/AM radio hpracing007 14 brain_wash_your_face1 month ago
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NFL Thread Palantir 1,720 Greenman721 month ago
Trump promotional material is getting better ohai 2 Malee1 month ago
A lot of, women, drop it to the ground, but how low can you go? Does age matter? Nerdyblop 11 CEO10K-DAY1 month ago
Water cooler book club KMeriwetherD 42 Codtrawler871 month ago
Maybe she just likes barbecue ohai 22 Greenman721 month ago
Living Large is the only way elcoelhon 13 elcoelhon1 month ago
Please fix America igor555 1 Greenman721 month ago
NRA heavyweight wanted access to Putin igor555 igor5551 month ago
Bat Pussy Greenman72 6 Nerdyblop1 month ago