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Water Cooler

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All I, all I wanted was a hundred million dollars and a bad chick! Ariana Grande engaged! Nerdyblop 7 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Borat speaks, eyes roll. Malee 4 Schopenhauer2 months ago
how important is a 105b-1? Nerdyblop 3 SportBiker2 months ago
Giuliani ohai ohai2 months ago
am i glad disney plus wasnt ****! i bought the 3 year plan for 140. 3.5 a month. super worth it. Nerdyblop 7 Greenman722 months ago
My friend called us all “massive chungas” CEO10K-DAY 9 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Makin money only thing in my resume! Stephen Graham! 29 yo making 1.6m per year in LA! Nerdyblop 4 CFABLACKBELT2 months ago
BSD Moves: Schwab to buy Ameritrade roberto 3 Black Swan2 months ago
I don’t want a valentine I just want Valentino! Black Friday deals. Nerdyblop 3 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Homes in Sicily, Italy, sold for one euro — with a catch hpracing007 5 brain_wash_your_face2 months ago
"Midland, Texas Beat NYC Area When it Comes to Fat Paychecks" ohai 6 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Productivity - Pay Gap frankybarnes 21 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Expensive purchases you reward yourself with 33 ofthedivision172 months ago
LA diarrhea attack ohai 20 Malee2 months ago
South Park - Board Girls... Transathletes, pc babies, oh man hpracing007 hpracing0072 months ago
Nakasendo Trail brain_wash_your_face 6 Malee2 months ago
HK riots: similarity to the Stanford experiment? Helpneeded Helpneeded2 months ago
Roxanne Roxanne All she wanna do is party all night! Lets get tik tok famous! Nerdyblop 5 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Mexico Kiplinger 53 Malee2 months ago
Triggered frankybarnes 7 Malee2 months ago
I keep it juicy juicy, I eat that lunch (Yeah)! She eats two pounds of lobsters! that must be amazing Nerdyblop 3 Greenman722 months ago
My guy pretty like a girl! What are your best assets!? Nerdyblop 39 Malee2 months ago
Court Fines Trump $2 Million for Diverting Money From Veterans Fundraiser to His Campaign frankybarnes 11 S2000magician2 months ago
WeWork Deck Black Swan 3 Nerdyblop2 months ago
I heard that china teapot is very beautiful. Does anyone know about it? PurpleClays 2 Malee2 months ago