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Water Cooler

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Skyrider 2.0, an upright airplane seat ohai 7 breadmaker1 month ago
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New UK Prime MInister brain_wash_your_face 8 Malee1 month ago
just wanted to share this guys youtube. we need more content like this guy. investing summaries. Nerdyblop Nerdyblop1 month ago
UFOs GuyOnABuffalo 26 Nerdyblop1 month ago
Call of Duty: Black Ops Sweep the Leg 18 SamCryBaby1 month ago
Who here has taken a sabbatical? hpracing007 7 hpracing0071 month ago
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Black-Swan caught on tape chewing out employees through a Wendy's drive through CEO10K-DAY 5 Nerdyblop1 month ago
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CBD, cure all or fad? Who here uses it? hpracing007 16 igor5551 month ago
2020 Corvette hpracing007 25 Isaiah_53_51 month ago
Adjusted EBITDA used in practice
Investment in information divergentfour 3 hpracing0071 month ago