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Water Cooler

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"Klein: Harvard’s Liberal-Arts Failure Is Wall Street’s Gain" ohai 1 Sweep the Leg5 years ago
"Lad mortified as girlfriend's two-year-old niece flaunts new 'bracelet' " ohai 1 birdman123456 months ago
"Lake Wobegon" effect ohai 4 Kmelthratter5 years ago
"Lapse of judgement" ohai 22 higgmond5 years ago
"Man dissolved in acidic water after going to bathe in hot spring" ohai 5 Greenman7211 months ago
"Man goes on violent naked rampage after restaurant put onions in his food" ohai 14 higgmond4 months ago
"Man steals phone from Ebola patient, gets infected" ohai 9 CFASniper5 years ago
"Man with Romney face tattoo ‘disappointed’ with election results" ohai 12 higgmond4 years ago
"Maybe the best market-timing system ever" ohai 1 Dude_CFA6 years ago
"Medicare Ban on Sex Reassignment Surgery Lifted" ohai 4 bchad3 years ago
"men over the age of 50 who earn around $250,000 per year" ohai 64 higgmond10 months ago
"Metallica front man James Hetfield narrates anti-porn documentary" ohai 5 Yayyywork8 months ago
"Missed Pee" Tax Dal Dal4 years ago
"More Borrowed Money, More Borrowed Time..." -Megadeth lockheed10023 lockheed100234 years ago
"My Knitted Boyfriend" ohai 1 breadmaker4 years ago
"NASA Denies That It’s Running a Child Slave Colony on Mars" ohai 5 Charlie Work3 months ago
"New York Officer Accused in Plot to Kill and Eat Women" ohai 10 Inner Evil Voice4 years ago
"No evidence yet of Trump team, Russia contacts: key lawmaker" ohai 41 igor5557 months ago
"North Korea's key to Olympic medals: Labor camps for losers" ohai 7 higgmond5 years ago
"Notre Dame Tops List of Best College Business Programs" ohai 6 ohai5 years ago
"Novak Djokovic is buying the world’s entire supply of donkey cheese" ohai 4 numi4 years ago
"NYC man says he slipped, fell and broke shoulder because gym is gay hot spot" ohai 7 whatsyourgovt4 years ago
"Obamacare premiums to soar 22%" ohai 19 1recho11 months ago
"One man who's been beaten.. sublimity 4 sublimity6 years ago
"Open Floorplans" at Work Destroyer of Worlds 148 igor5551 year ago