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Water Cooler

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enrollment benefits Nerdyblop 10 Malee2 months ago
Alphabet Soup studyguy18 16 S2000magician2 months ago
Automatic Watches SamCryBaby 6 SamCryBaby2 months ago
Black swan - please help (srs) CEO10K-DAY 3 CEO10K-DAY2 months ago
is this ok or nah? igor555 3 igor5552 months ago
have yall tried the new poppeyes chicken sandwich? i heard it was better than the cfa Nerdyblop 26 hpracing0072 months ago
Robinhood Traders Discovered a Glitch That Gave Them ‘Infinite Leverage’ hpracing007 1 CEO10K-DAY2 months ago
Denmark CEO10K-DAY 19 Kiplinger2 months ago
Is a tegu right for you? ohai 5 hpracing0072 months ago
Once upon a time, not long ago I was a ho And I'm admitting it. are catholics cool with pre marital sex? Nerdyblop 10 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Personal trading on buy side (Hedge fund) Gigaloo 24 pejp2 months ago
US National Service Malee 24 brain_wash_your_face2 months ago
What should the punishment be for financial fraud? hpracing007 14 brain_wash_your_face2 months ago
Breakfast suggestions Greenman72 46 Nerdyblop2 months ago
I don't know the exact pronunciation but I believe its Manage A Trois. guest 11 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Improving Quality of Life itsdamon 8 Sweep the Leg2 months ago
LA Fire Evacuation ohai 6 Black Swan2 months ago
What's up b*tches ohai 9 comp_sci_kid2 months ago
"TikTok raises national security concerns" ohai 22 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Are you based in Canada or the U.S.? We need help with a survey Helpneeded 22 Malee2 months ago
Why I'm voting for Tulsi Gabbard CEO10K-DAY 21 Black Swan2 months ago
Federal deficit increases 26% frankybarnes 5 Nerdyblop3 months ago
Investment Managers need to become Coders StreetFighter 5 igor5553 months ago
Have you ever gotten drunk with your dad? Kiplinger 7 Black Swan3 months ago
mckinsey thinks banks need to spend on tech/M&A to survive next downturn. thoughts? Nerdyblop 6 SportBiker3 months ago