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Water Cooler

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find me a book in this link. great on kindle book on amazon. Nerdyblop 7 hpracing0071 month ago
Go head on and break 'em off with a lil' previews of the remix! p*rnhub statistics! Nerdyblop 5 roberto1 month ago
Miss me? Notice me gone at all...or not krazykanuck 11 igor5551 month ago
Fyre Festival Griingo 2 Griingo1 month ago
if tony romo had any pride left he would retire igor555 42 Greenman721 month ago
Detroit Auto Show 2019 ohai 14 SportBiker1 month ago
'Traditional masculinity' officially labeled 'harmful' by the American Psychological Association GuyOnABuffalo 79 Nerdyblop1 month ago
PETA commercial igor555 4 Nerdyblop1 month ago
SPX at 2650 ohai 5 LBriscoe1 month ago
Everyone hates Chris Christie Malee 2 LBriscoe1 month ago
Netflix the interview!! Is hilarious! Nerdyblop 4 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Oh dear... all my calories in ONE meal... bchad 36 Greenman722 months ago
Ivanka for President of World Bank ? SamCryBaby 8 Malee2 months ago
Elizabeth ”Pocahontas” Warren running for president Codtrawler87 67 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Whatever happened to first amendment? Malee 2 Malee2 months ago
Flying During Shutdown brain_wash_your_face 9 hpracing0072 months ago
Coming to America 2 igor555 3 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Trump, Manafort and Stone, cucks are us... Malee 1 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Clinton speaking tour Groupon ohai 6 SamCryBaby2 months ago
My mind has totally changed about New Years resolutioners CEO10K-DAY 7 Codtrawler872 months ago
Woman Has Been Expertly Running In The Shape Of Dicks For Over 3 Years Black Swan 5 Black Swan2 months ago
Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever igor555 4 igor5552 months ago
Bezos is getting divorced igor555 12 Nerdyblop2 months ago
China’s Envoy Accuses Canada of ‘White Supremacy’ ohai 4 igor5552 months ago
Difficult decisions Greenman72 32 ohai2 months ago