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Water Cooler

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New Headquarters for AMZN LBriscoe 266 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Michael Avenatti arrested for domestic violence ohai 6 roberto2 months ago
i wish i was a little bit taller! average height by country! Nerdyblop 10 Griingo2 months ago
Apology VIdeo igor555 1 hpracing0072 months ago
PE firms offering $300k to excel monkeys igor555 10 TrackSuitInvestor2 months ago
I got so much money I should start a bank! The american dream defined! 2000 person Poll! Nerdyblop 7 TrackSuitInvestor2 months ago
Macron, the height of leftist anti-intellectualism? purealpha 28 ohai2 months ago
Yeah, I learned the game from William Wesley, you can never check me. role models! let us disgust! Nerdyblop 5 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Government worker skips work, claims he is Kalki, Lord Vishnu's 10th avatar ohai 1 Sweep the Leg2 months ago
Selling Series 65 Book Pass the 65 By Examzone whyisitsodifficult 9 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Too Much Winning! frankybarnes 22 Schopenhauer2 months ago
Semen Indonesia ohai 3 Destroyer of Worlds2 months ago
Detective Pikachu ohai 1 Nerdyblop2 months ago
GOP Jesus frankybarnes frankybarnes2 months ago
Are you ready for next recession? StreetFighter 4 igor5552 months ago
What has CVM been up to? ohai 2 StreetFighter2 months ago
Trump’s Motorcade Targeted by Topless Protesters hpracing007 5 king_kong2 months ago
Is Your Job About To Disappear?: QuickTake StreetFighter 33 GeneralQuestion122 months ago
YouTube down... will someone woke tell me what’s going on? hpracing007 3 hpracing0072 months ago
Singles day is over. Alibaba Sold 31b in 1 day, repping 27% yoy increase. (last year was 39% yoy) what'd you buy! Nerdyblop 2 hashtag2 months ago
These wild fires though... ohai 5 Nerdyblop2 months ago
Nerdy for Prez Black Swan 5 Malee2 months ago
The Left in 2018: Unhinged hpracing007 13 purealpha2 months ago
debt monetization igor555 3 frankybarnes2 months ago
A Candidate For Us All frankybarnes 6 Nerdyblop2 months ago