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Water Cooler

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"Why America's Doctors Are Struggling to Make Ends Meet" ohai 18 Palantir5 years ago
"Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior" WSJ PallasAthene 132 atush1 year ago
"Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit" ohai 7 el_macca172 years ago
"Why East Asian Students Are Superior" ohai 18 purealpha5 years ago
"Why I decided to give up my life in London and become a goat in Switzerland" ohai 6 CFABLACKBELT1 year ago
"Wife Claims Investment Banker Drunkenly Pissed, Sh*t All Over Bedrooms" Wendy 15 Prophecy2 years ago
"Will a Sheep’s Wool Grow Forever?" ohai 9 Palantir1 year ago
"Women 'Smell' Their Competition" ohai 24 Palantir3 years ago
"Women find romantic partners who look like their brothers, research finds" ohai 2 higgmond5 months ago
"Women's choice of men goes in (menstrual) cycles" ohai 17 Inner Evil Voice5 years ago
"Work" emichan 111 comp_sci_kid3 years ago
"World Pole Dancing Championship Dominated By Russians, Ukrainians" ohai 20 cleverCFA4 years ago
"Yahoo CEO in Spotlight Over Resume Flap" ohai 83 higgmond5 years ago
"You only lose when you sell." Greenman72 40 1recho10 months ago
"Young Women Are Bad at Money, Say Old Men" ohai 12 former trader4 years ago
#blockupy - the biggest leftist travesty in recent history I_am_the_Highway 5 I_am_the_Highway2 years ago
#CrimingWhileWhite igor555 25 JBrowntown2 years ago
#deleted hashtag 3 hashtag5 months ago
#deleteUber? whatsyourgovt 34 CFABLACKBELT8 months ago
#FunFacts hashtag 5 hashtag4 months ago
#HappyFathersDay hashtag 2 sooraj2 years ago
#HelloJetman atush atush1 year ago
#is this appropriate for mba essay# apumapu 15 Black Swan8 months ago
#NameOnly5Characteristics hashtag 34 bchad2 years ago
#TrumpExplainsMoviePlots igor555 igor5551 year ago