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Water Cooler

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$35 Billion Merger Fails Because Everyone in Charge Is a Baby jmh530 3 ohai3 months ago
$4.5B divorce higgmond 30 CFAvsMBA2 years ago
$500 million powerball Analti_Calte_Equity 37 ZeroBonus4 years ago
$500k for colonoscopy gamblingeconomist 7 naren_1 year ago
$hit Talkers whatsyourgovt 14 bodhisattva3 years ago
&*?!ing Giants parade ohai 2 Blake McCallister4 years ago
'60 Minutes' Blows The Lid Off Congressional Insider Trading Lobsterbanker 14 guest5 years ago
'Blade Runner' charged in fatal shooting Palantir 36 itera4 years ago
'Evil Dead' continues as new Starz series in 2015 JBrowntown JBrowntown2 years ago
'Frankenstorm' Sandy - Eye witness reports please cleverCFA 40 purealpha4 years ago
'I just want to burn it down' atush 6 Yayyywork3 weeks ago
'Mixed Blessings' in this beautiful ride called life: jcole21 9 ASSet_MANagement6 years ago
'Realizing synergies from monetized eyeballs' -- Shit Management Says, twitter account of corporate-speak/management jargon aspiringhandmodel aspiringhandmodel4 years ago
'The Ray Rice Video For The Financial Sector Has Arrived' igor555 10 former trader2 years ago
(Academic) Experts tickersu 60 Matt Likes Analysis8 months ago
(American) football trivia S2000magician 8 higgmond7 months ago
(First) Marathon under 4.00 hours - tips please L3Crucifier 39 L3Crucifier4 years ago
** New Year's Resolutions ** ohai 38 sooraj2 years ago
*Facepalm* Palantir 1 ohai3 years ago
*FULD SAYS LEHMAN WAS `A SOUND COMPANY' charlottekid 13 RahulMulchandani
*SPOILERS* Game of Thrones Epi 9 ZeroBonus 59 ohai3 years ago
*THAT GUY* -- Gym Edition ASSet_MANagement 25 ASSet_MANagement
,, cfa_student29 114 roberto3 years ago
,, usa87study87 9 ohai5 months ago
- Palantir 10 greyhound864 years ago