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CFA Level I Test Prep - Mobile Apps

Innovative Mobile App for CFA® Program Exam Prep

Fitch Learning Cognition Online Portal and Mobile App

Practice is key for the CFA Program exams. Maximize your free time and study on the go by accessing key features of our study portal offline via the Fitch Learning Cognition mobile app.

Fitch Learning Cognition monitors your performance and by ascertaining your strengths and weaknesses, it steers you towards the topics you need to improve on, meaning you conquer all the curriculum topics. Simply set your study period and the portal will do the rest. 

Available on iOS and Andoird devices, the app is included in all classroom and virtual learning packages.

  • Practice with over 3,000 questions via the question bank
  • Watch more than 120 hours of instructor recordings
  • Access study notes
  • Benefit from help from our faculty anytime via the Global Instructor Helpdesk
  • Follow our lectures online with the Online Learning + Live Webcast options
  • Enter your start date and the app will do the rest, with a tailored schedule so you know what to study and when

Once in a wifi zone, the app will sync to your online study portal and to make sure all progress is recorded.

Find out what it is really like to study with us

Trial the only study portal for free and gain access to a Quant Methods study session. Learn more about the style of study and access the different areas of the portal and experience Fitch Learning Cognition for yourself.

Trial Fitch Learning Cognition

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IFT CFA "High-Yield" Mobile App

The IFT High-Yield Course for Level I, II & III is based on Pareto’s 80-20 rule according to which 80% of the exam questions are likely to be based on 20% of the curriculum.  Hence this course focuses on the 20% material which is most testable. 

Many candidates complain that they forget material covered earlier.  The High-Yield Course addresses this problem by helping you to quickly revise key concepts.

IFT is excited to announce the Mobile App for the Level 1, 2 & 3 High-Yield course!  The app is Free to download and also works off-line for your studying on the go!

In the Free version of the App, you will get Quant and FRA High-Yield Notes and Videos on the app.

The Full version of the app is available to those who have already purchased the IFT Level I High-Yield Course.

Visit this page for download links for the App.

Features of the Level I, II, & III High-Yield course:

  1. IFT High-Yield Notes® summarize the most important concepts from each reading in 2 to 5 pages. Key formulas and facts are presented in blue boxes while examples appear in gray boxes.
  2. IFT High-Yield Lectures® are video lectures based on the notes. Each reading is covered in 10 to 20 minutes (total duration approx. 15 hours)
  3. High-Yield Q-Bank® has between 600 and 700 questions covering concepts which are most likely to show up on the exam. These are online with automatic grading, but you can also export them into a PDF format. All Learning outcome are covered and  minimum overlap of the questions.
  4. Key Facts and Formula Sheet: 10 pages covering key facts and formulas for all of Level I!

Note: All features are available via the Mobile App except the High-Yield Q-bank.


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Kaplan Schweser Adaptive CFA® Review App

Looking for help passing the CFA exam? Kaplan Schweser is bringing innovation to your CFA study plan. Kaplan Schweser Adaptive CFA Review is a revolutionary new app from the leader in CFA exam prep. Take your study plan on the go…and get the practice you need on your time. And best of all…it’s free!

Questions: Our adaptive learning engine automatically chooses questions based on the material you need help with the most, giving you a personalized review.

Flashcards: Integrated Schweser Flashcards currently provide you with vital coverage of the Ethics section of the exam curriculum, but we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for upcoming releases.

Dashboard: Kaplan Schweser Adaptive CFA Review’s real-time analytics dashboard tracks your progress and provides you with feedback on your performance.​​​​​​​

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