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CFA Level I Test Prep - Study Notes

Master CFA Level I with AdaptPrep


AdaptPrep CFA Level I

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We get it. You don’t want to waste time studying things you don’t need to pass. We have been there. That’s why our coaches focus on clearly and concisely teaching only the material you need to pass.

Learn - with our engaging videos and in-depth manual

Practice - on adaptive exams & quizzes and track your progress

Complete - get both Learn videos and Practice questions

Master your exam with AdaptPrep!

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CFA® Level I Exam Companion

Fitch Learning has produce an exam-focused study guide to help you navigate the CFA level I curriculum.

The CFA® Level I Exam Companion will assist you with managing the wealth of CFA Level I content, prioritising key areas of the official CFA texts.  It has been written by Fitch Learning’s experienced CFA instructor faculty, who know what it takes to pass.

This manual provides:

  • Exam focus and guidance from Fitch Learning CFA® exam training instructors
  • Exam style questions and worked examples demonstrating key concepts
  • Direct references to the CFA Institute curriculum

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IFT Study Notes for the Level I exam

IFT Study Notes are closely aligned with the curriculum and present the information in an easily understandable manner. The most important points of each section of the curriculum are highlighted and worked examples are included to help you grasp the material well.

In addition, to test your understanding, you will have access to our massive Question Bank, consisting of over 3000+ MCQs, which are LOS (Learning Outcome) based.

Solved Example Videos are also included, where Arif Irfanullah solves all the examples from the Level I curriculum in the infamous manner which thousands of students love! His intuitive style and shortcuts will help you develop your own system to crack the level I exam!

Visit IFT or click on the image above to download samples or start a free trial today.

Full Notes Price: $199

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Kaplan Schweser - SchweserNotes™ Package - 2018 Level I CFA®

Based on our proven learning strategy of prepare, practice, and perform, the Level I SchweserNotes™ Package is a key component to a successful CFA exam study program.  Our basic study package combines candidates’ favorite study tool, SchweserNotes™, with three full-length practice exams and the go-anywhere QuickSheet. Connect with expert CFA instructors and use your Study Calendar to create a detailed study plan.

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Kaplan Schweser - Essential Self Study Package - 2018 Level I CFA®

The Essential Self Study Package is an excellent choice for candidates who want a comprehensive CFA study program, but would prefer to prepare, practice, and perform on their own. The Essential Self Study Package contains our world-renowned SchweserNotes™, six full-length practice exams, the SchweserPro™ QBank, and an array of print and online study tools. If you have the commitment and motivation to study and learn at your own pace, check out the Essential Self Study Package for your CFA exam preparation.

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Kaplan Schweser - Premium Instruction Package - 2018 Level I CFA®

The Premium Instruction Package combines expert instruction with our most popular CFA study materials to give you a solid framework for you to prepare, practice, and perform on the CFA exam. If you prefer the guidance and expertise of experienced instructors to make the best use of your study time, then the Premium Instruction Package is right for you. With world-class instruction enhancing our effective CFA study materials, why would you try to tackle the CFA curriculum on your own?

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Kaplan Schweser - PremiumPlus™ Package - 2018 Level I CFA®

Our PremiumPlus™ Package is the most comprehensive CFA study package available and includes everything you need to effectively prepare, practice, and perform on the CFA exam. This complete package combines efficient, effective CFA study materials, expert instruction and guidance, plus a final review to reinforce everything you’ve learned in the final weeks before exam day. This package encompasses our proven learning science strategy, so why not take advantage of every opportunity you have to pass the CFA exam the first time?

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Wiley Study Guides

Get the edge you need to pass today! The Wiley Study Guide for the Level I CFA exam provides over 1,000 pages of study text in one mobile-friendly e-book.  Effective, proven with students in over 100 countries, this study aid provides study-on-the go convenience while meeting the specific requirements of CFA Level I candidates.  Contains unique features which make the learning process easier and more productive:

  • Our authors have used their years of personal teaching experience with students from a variety of backgrounds to develop study guides that improve the study experience of CFA Level I candidates and include practical and helpful tips and test-taking advice though-out the text.

  • The color-coding feature, which makes it easier for you to follow cases and examples that make references to graphs and sets of financial statements.

  • Most subjects, especially Economics, Portfolio Management and Fixed Income use plenty of figures and diagrams to illustrate important concepts. Our study guides include all those figures and additional commentary to make the material easily understandable.

What makes us better? Here is the short list:

  1. Our explanations are more detailed. We teach you the concepts not just the recap.
  2. Our Practice Questions are closer to the CFAI exam questions. They prepare you better by matching exam difficulty, trap doors and misdirection so you’re ready on exam day.
  3. Our Study Guides use color and cross-references so you clearly follow explanations and can map them back to the Program Curriculum.
  4. Our Videos Lectures are more in depth. Wiley videos teach you the underlying material from scratch. So when you’re unsure of a topic, you can reinforce the fundamentals.
  5. Wiley is one of the most respected educational providers in the world– a leader in Business, Finance and Accounting so you can be assured of our quality, integrity and support.

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