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CFA Level II Test Prep - Review Products

Master CFA Level 2 with AdaptPrep

We get it. You don’t want to waste time studying things you don’t need to pass. We have been there. That’s why our coaches focus on clearly and concisely teaching only the material you need to pass.

Learn – with our engaging videos and in-depth manual

Review – important concepts so they stay fresh in your mind

Practice – on adaptive exams & quizzes and track your progress

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Review courses and mock exams

We have a number of review packages to help support you in your exam preparation.

Online Review Kit
Our Online Review Kit is packed with resources to help final preparation for the CFA exam.

  • Three full mock exams
  • Instructor recordings and webcasts
  • Final Countdown revision guide
  • Revision mind maps
  • Revision summaries and exam style questions 

2-day review courses
Join an expert instructor in the classroom for guidance on exam technique, a focus on key examinable areas and full question practice and de-brief.
Mock exam
If you need more exam practice, you can purchase a mock exam.  We offer a variety of online mocks, hard copy mocks and, in some regions, proctored mock exams under realistic exam conditions.  All our mocks are full length and include a diagnostic quartile peer comparison.
Final Countdown
Our Final Countdown revision guide is the perfect solution to help you hone your revision technique.  Including hints and tips as well as detailing how to approach your revision in the lead up to the exam.

For more information, please visit our website

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Kaplan Schweser - Secret Sauce - 2018 Level II CFA®

Schweser’s Secret Sauce will help you prepare for the CFA exam wherever you go. This handy, compact book offers a clear, concise review of the core elements of the CFA curriculum. In addition, Secret Sauce provides insights and tips on how to apply your hard-earned knowledge successfully on exam day. Take it anywhere for an efficient, effective review in the final months before the CFA exam.

The first portion of this book offers concise, readable explanations of the major parts of the CFA curriculum by Schweser’s team of expert authors. The second portion gives you essential exam strategies and guidance on how to pass the exam, including:

  • Tips and tricks on how to apply your knowledge
  • Basic strategies and time management hints
  • A plan for the last week prior to exam day
  • Topic-by-topic listing of high-probability exam topics
  • Analysis of level-specific question styles

Purchase Options: Available in print or in eBook format delivered through VitalSource®. Secret Sauce is included in the PremiumPlus Package or can be purchased as an individual product.

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Learn Faster. Remember Longer. Perform Better.

PrepSmarter is the most advanced, continuously adaptive, learning engine for CFA®, FRM®, CPA® and CIA® exams.

PrepSmarter is a great supplement to your favorite instructor or study material while preparing for these competitive exams. You need not be enrolled in a course to gain from PrepSmarter nor will PrepSmarter interfere with your existing preparation. It’ll only embolden your learning.

I greatly enjoyed the interactive problems. They not only provide tips on what you did wrong but are an effective daily warm-up exercise, so you can remember the subjects you’ve already studied while working on others. I passed CFA Level I on the first attempt. I found PrepSmarter to provide an adequate balance between conceptual understanding and quantitative practice. The service was worth the price considering how new it is, and I believe they have nowhere to go but up from here. I will definitely be using them for Level II in the future.
          – Aaron Alghawi, CFA Level I Candidate, June 2016

How PrepSmarter Works? 

PrepSmarter uses adaptive learning technology and brain-based learning principles to quickly increase your knowledge retention and confidence so you retain everything you learn and can confidently apply it on exams and beyond. The entire learning experience is wrapped in gamification to make it fun, social and engaging.

  • Practice at your proficiency level with an engine that adapts to you. All our questions are continuously stratified by difficulty levels.

  • Don’t waste time doing questions that are either too easy or too difficult and discouraging.

  • Sweat less, score more. We have over 13,000 questions for all levels. But with our adaptive practice engine, you’d never need that many, because it delivers question at the right level to optimize your learning.

Why PrepSmarter?

  • Regular practice is the biggest differentiator between successful and unsuccessful candidates. Too many smart and hard working candidates fail these exams due to inadequate practice. With PrepSmarter, you can continuously practice and track your progress. You need not be enrolled in a course to gain from PrepSmarter nor will PrepSmarter interfere with your existing preparation. It’ll only embolden your learning.

  • Too much to learn, too little time - Most CFA, FRM, CPA and CIA candidates are either full-time students or employees. So they need a system that works fast and stays longer. Adaptive technology combined with Confidence-based learning quickly identifies and plugs knowledge gaps. Brain-based learning concepts such as spaced reinforcement and repeated retrieval keep those knowledge gaps plugged.


Over 25,000 students worldwide use PrepSmarter every year to prepare for:

  • CFA - Level I, II and III

  • FRM - Part I and II

  • CPA - AUD, FAR, REG and BEC

  • CIA - Part I, II and III 

PrepSmarter is available on the web and mobile.

Adaptive test prep for CFA, FRM, CPA and CA exams

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Wiley Self Study Pack

Buy now and SAVE $105 off our FULL online course! In January our Platinum CFA Exam Review Course will release and anyone who buys the Self-Study Pack now can upgrade for just $495. That’s our $1,245 Platinum course for just $1140 ($645 Self-Study Pack now + $495 Self-Study Pack To Platinum Upgrade). With the upgrade in January you’ll get:

  • Online Courseware with each Reading broken into ”Bite-sized” lessons
  •  Each lesson has study text, video and assessment
  • Dashboard, progress reports, metrics and more
  • Online Exam Planner
  • CFA Test Bank with Practice Questions
  • Online Mentoring from CFA experts to answer questions in 24 hours
  • 2 full mock exams
  • 11th Hour Review Pack with additional full mock exam

The secret is out. Wiley’s materials are a better way to prep. These materials have been proven to help candidates understand, retain, and master the CFA Program Curriculum. Thousands of candidates  from more than 100 countries  have relied on elan Guides to pass the CFA exam. Covering every LOS on the exam, these study materials provide an invaluable tool for anyone who wants a deep-dive review of all the concepts, formulas and topics required to pass.

What makes us better? Here is the short list:

  1. Our explanations are more detailed. We teach you the concepts not just the recap.
  2. Our Practice Questions are closer to the CFAI exam questions. They prepare you better by matching exam difficulty, trap doors and misdirection so you’re ready on exam day.
  3. Our Study Guides use color and cross-references so you clearly follow explanations and can map them back to the Program Curriculum.
  4. Our Videos Lectures are more in depth. Wiley videos teach you the underlying material from scratch. So when you’re unsure of a topic, you can reinforce the fundamentals.
  5. Wiley is one of the most respected educational providers in the world– a leader in Business, Finance and Accounting so you can be assured of our quality, integrity and support.

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