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CFA Level II Test Prep - Video

Master CFA Level 2 with our Engaging Videos

We get it. You don’t want to waste time studying things you don’t need to pass. We have been there. That’s why our coaches focus on clearly and concisely teaching only the material you need to pass.

  • 40+ Hours of HD Video Lessons
    • Average length is 10 minutes
    • Adjustable speed
  • In-Depth Comprehensive eManual
    • Follows each video lesson
  • Accessible Anytime Anywhere
    • Web-accessible on your computer, phone, or tablet

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Level II Video Lectures

Video lectures from IFT explain each Learning Outcome Statement of each curriculum reading in clear and digestible manner. Along the way you will get tips and examples to crystalise your grasp of the topic at hand.

These are the video lectures which have made IFT famous. Since 2011, they have had over 4 Million views online.

Here you will get the updated videos, comprising over 100 hours of video covering all readings of the Level I curriculum and examples.  It is recommended that you print out the slides and take your own notes on them as you follow along the video lecture. This practice is part of active learning whereby you make notes, follow and understand examples.  

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Kaplan Schweser - How to Pass the 2019 Level II CFA® Exam Webinar Series

Our experts have put together a series of webinars to help you pass the CFA® exam. Learn what the exam is all about, how to pass it, and the techniques for setting an effective study plan. You can even experience our Online Class!​​​​​​​

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Wiley Lecture Videos

Wiley Level I Video Lectures arm you with insights and edge you need to succeed on exam day. Our Videos are the most thorough and in-depth in the market. Instructors use digital whiteboards and animations to effectively communicate the material to you. They keep you on your toes with their challenge questions, and prepare you for the trickiest of questions.

Video features include:

  • Outstanding instructors including Basit Shajani, CFA and Peter Olinto, JD, CPA
  • 110+ hours of video instruction
  • Worked problems with step-by-step details
  • Exam tips and traps
  • Fully updated for the June 2015 Exam

Our philosophy: to help you understand the fundamentals and gain confidence by mastering the concepts, formulas and exam material needed to pass on the first try.

What makes us better? Here is the short list:

  1. Our explanations are more detailed. We teach you the concepts not just the recap.
  2. Our Practice Questions are closer to the CFAI exam questions. They prepare you better by matching exam difficulty, trap doors and misdirection so you’re ready on exam day.
  3. Our Study Guides use color and cross-references so you clearly follow explanations and can map them back to the Program Curriculum.
  4. Our Videos Lectures are more in depth. Wiley videos teach you the underlying material from scratch. So when you’re unsure of a topic, you can reinforce the fundamentals.
  5. Wiley is one of the most respected educational providers in the world– a leader in Business, Finance and Accounting so you can be assured of our quality, integrity and support.

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