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CFA Level III Test Prep - Audio

Summary Lectures for Level III

In this course you will find a summary video and separate Audio for each level III reading.  In creating the lectures, we have considered the learning outcomes and CFA Institute questions over the last several years.  I am confident that the lectures (approx.11 hours) cover more than 80% of what you are likely to see on your exam. Each Audio file is downloadable.

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Kaplan Schweser - SchweserNotes Audio - 2019 Level III CFA®

The audio version of SchweserNotes™ helps reinforce your understanding of the CFA curriculum while you are on a commute, at home, or in the gym. Through our professional readings of the SchweserNotes™, you can acquire essential knowledge and maintain top-of-mind awareness while you prepare for all the major topics and concepts in the CFA curriculum.

Audio SchweserNotes™ features:

  • 20+ hours of audio that covers the entire curriculum
  • In-depth explanations of all learning outcome statements (LOS)
  • Online download
SchweserNotes™ Audio MP3 (Download)

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