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CFA Level III Test Prep - Online Programs

Master CFA Level 3 with AdaptPrep

We get it. You don’t want to waste time studying things you don’t need to pass. We have been there. That’s why our coaches focus on clearly and concisely teaching only the material you need to pass.

Learn – with our engaging videos and in-depth manual

Review – important concepts so they stay fresh in your mind

Practice – on adaptive exams & quizzes and track your progress

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Level III Essay Exam Primer

You’re almost done with CFA, don’t underestimate the essay exam! 

Join Arif Irfanullah to crack essay exam questions in this online class.

To Register for the course, please visit Here.

While IFT videos will help develop your concepts, simply watching the videos will not ensure exam success.  To maximize the probability of passing the Level III exam you must work through lots of practice questions.  Pay particular attention to the morning (essay) exam because you’ve not seen this format before.  In fact, poor performance on the essay exam is a major reason for failing Level III.

In order to prepare you for the Level III essay exam IFT has launched an online class which will focus on solving exam-style questions. I will also solve some questions from actual Level III essay exams.  In addition to showing you how to solve problems, in this course we will identify common mistakes and pitfalls that need to be avoided.

Instructions to join live class: We use a streaming portal.  Please visit our channel here at the right time on the date below

These online videos are FREE for any customers who have purchased the Basic, Basic Plus, or Premium packages.

I look forward to having you in my class.

Arif Irfanullah, CFA

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Kaplan Schweser - Live Online 3-Day Review Workshop - 2019 Level III CFA®

With a balanced mix of CFA curriculum review and problem solving, Schweser’s 3-Day Review Workshop is just the thing to get you exam-ready. After reviewing each topic of the CFA curriculum, instructors use problems and exam-like questions to help reinforce your knowledge, practice your exam techniques, and improve your exam-taking skill and speed. It’s exactly what you need during the final weeks of preparation in order to build your confidence and perform effectively on the CFA exam.

Live Online 3-Day Review Workshop includes:

  • 20+ hours of expert instruction and review in a live online webcast, then archived online for on-demand viewing
  • Thorough review of key topics
  • Extensive work with practice questions and answer techniques
  • Instructor exam tips and strategies
  • Schweser Review Workshop Mind Maps (Review slides)
  • Schweser Review Workshop Questions (Practice questions)
  • Schweser’s Secret Sauce
Laptop and workbooks for Level III Schweser 3-Day Online Review Workshop

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Kaplan Schweser - Online Weekly Class - 2018 Level III CFA®

There is no better way to ensure content retention and exam-taking confidence than by reinforcing your studies with Live Weekly Classes. But if your location prevents you from attending one of our traditional classroom sessions, we’ve got you covered. Our 15-week block of Online Classes are also led by CFA charterholders and cover the same material at the same pace and frequency as our classroom sessions. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a comfortable chair.


  • On-Demand Video Lectures – Designed to be viewed prior to the Weekly Classes, covering every LOS. 
  • Archived Sessions – Review at your own pace.
  • Weekly Class Workbooks – Two-volume set of workbooks containing material, examples, and questions to support your live instruction.

Times and Dates:

  • Early Start: Tuesdays (every other week), October 16, 2018–April 30, 2019
  • Eastern Time: Thursdays, January 17–May 2, 2019
  • London Time: Mondays, January 14–April 29, 2019
  • Asia Time: Wednesdays, January 23–May 8, 2019
Schweser Level III Online CFA® Classes

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Wiley’s Level III CFA® Program 2-Day Online Intensive Review Bootcamp 2019

Join Wiley’s outstanding Instructor team for one intensive weekend of study.


  • 2 full days of live, online intensive review focused on CFA Program exam preparation
  • Extensive coverage of the core concepts and formulas in addition to the most challenging topics
  • Hundreds of practice questions, practical exam techniques and shortcuts
  • Final tips and strategies for exam day
  • Access to Wiley’s Formula Sheets
  • Wiley’s full-length, 11th Hour CFA Program mock exam
  • Q&A session with the instructors
  • 3+ Hours of bonus lecture videos
  • Will be recorded and available to watch on demand

Make the most of your CFA® Program exam prep in a weekend! As the June CFA Program exam gets closer, join renowned instructor David Hetherington for a live, online, 2-day Final Review Bootcamp, designed to help you feel fully prepared and confident on exam day. This online Bootcamp provides a detailed review of the most highly weighted topics combined with plenty of Q&A, problem solving and question practice. Designed to reinforce your understanding, improve your skill and increase the speed at which you can tackle even the toughest questions, you’ll have the expert tips, techniques and shortcuts you need for success.

Join The A-Team!

Date: Saturday, May 4 - Sunday, May 5, 2019

Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET

Venue: Online - This class will also be recorded and available on demand

Price: $295

CFA Level III Intensive Review Class from Wiley

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