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CFA Level III Test Prep - Review Course

Level III High-Yield Courses

Your ULTIMATE COMPANION for the final stretch of your exam prep!

Solid Revision, Solved Past Essay Question Videos, Mocks and lots of Practice!

I am confident that the High-Yield videos (about 10.5 hours) will cover more than 80% of what you are likely to see on your exam” – Arif Irfanullah

For 2019 this is purely our prediction – however our 2018 high-yield videos did cover over 80% of what was in the 2018 essay exam!  For more information about this claim please click here

Here is what you will get:

  1. High-Yield Video Lectures for each curriculum reading* (videos are approx 15-20 mins per reading)
  2. High-Yield Lecture Slides used in the high-yield videos (downloadable and printable)
  3. Audio of the High-Yield Videos of each reading
  4. Past CFA Institute Essay Exam Solved Videos. Videos with solutions covering past essay exams.
  5. Study Notes (view sample) These will help you revise any reading or concept.
  6. Topic based Quizzes (view sample). Downloadable and printable.
  7. Two IFT Mock Exams (full 6 hour mock with solutions). Downloadable and printable.
  8. Key Facts & Formula Sheet. Downloadable and printable.
  9. IFT High-Yield App Full-version. Watch High-Yield content when you are on the go!

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* For Ethics the full reading lecture videos are provided not in summary format

To see a sample of the Summary videos, click here : R05  R06

All materials will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal. No items are shipped to you. Existing Premium package customer: Crash course contents are already included in the package.

Note: If you are only interested in the Past Essay Question solved videos, then click here



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Level III Essay Exam Solution Course

Course Objective:

In order to pass the Level III essay exam, it is essential that you practice essay exams from past years.  By taking this course you will learn the skill required for solving the Level III essay exam.

Course Content:

  • General advice video which explains how to take the Level III essay exam.
  • Several videos on how to solve specific questions from actual CFA Institute essay exams. These videos  guide you on how to think while responding to essay exam questions.
    • Only relevant questions for 2019 are addressed.
    • The questions from exam years 2009 to 2015 are organized by topics such as behavioral finance, individual investor portfolios, and so on.
    • The questions for 2016, 2017 and 2018 are organized by exam year.
  • Relevance document which identifies questions from past papers that are still relevant for 2019.
  • Duration of all videos is approximately 16 hours.

How to Use This Course

  • Make sure you have access to past CFA Institute essay exams. If you don’t, contact IFT Support.
  • Watch the general advice video.
  • As you finish a given topic say behavioral finance, try to solve relevant questions from past papers. Focus only on questions from 2015 and earlier.   The relevance document will help you identify which questions to attempt. Make sure you solve the question on your own before looking at the solutions. Read the guideline answer provided by CFA Institute.
  • Once you have studied all the Level III topics, work through full-length papers in an exam-like setting. Ideally you should do the three most recent exams (2016, 2017 and 2018). If you have time for only one exam, do the 2018 paper.  Study solutions only after you have solved the paper on your own.

This is an online offering only and you cannot download the videos. All video lectures will be accessible from the IFT Learning Portal. Login to the Level III Free Trial here to find the sample video.

You can also watch this video to learn about this IFT product:

Be sure to watch this Essay Advice video:

Want to know which past paper questions are relevant? Watch this video


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Kaplan Schweser - Live Weekly Classes - 2019 Level III CFA®

There is no better way to ensure content retention and exam-taking confidence than by reinforcing your studies with Live Weekly Classes. We offer real-world sessions with accredited CFA charterholders who have a firm grasp on the curriculum and an unparalleled ability to make it easily digestible. Our expert instructors will review mission-critical Learning Outcome Statements, expand on nuanced details, provide applicable examples, and address your questions directly. Schweser’s Live Weekly CFA Classes are offered in locations throughout the world, and our materials are used globally to teach several additional CFA courses. 

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Kaplan Schweser - Live 3-Day Review Workshop - 2019 Level III CFA®

With a balanced mix of CFA curriculum review and problem solving, Schweser’s 3-Day Review Workshop is just the thing to get you exam-ready. After reviewing each topic of the CFA curriculum, instructors use problems and exam-like questions to help reinforce your knowledge, practice your exam techniques, and improve your exam-taking skill and speed. It’s exactly what you need during the final weeks of preparation in order to build your confidence and perform effectively on the CFA exam.

Live 3-Day Review Workshop includes:

  • Three full days of instruction
  • Thorough review of key topics
  • Extensive work with practice questions and answer techniques
  • Instructor exam tips and strategies
  • Schweser Review Workshop Mind Maps (Review slides)
  • Schweser Review Workshop Questions (Practice questions)
  • Schweser’s Secret Sauce

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Kaplan Schweser - Live 5-Day Review Workshop - 2019 Level III CFA®

Kaplan Schweser is proud to offer our Live 5-Day Review Workshop in New York or Dallas-Fort Worth. This late-season review program combines a review of key concepts in every topic area, demonstration problems, and extensive practice with hands-on problem solving to get you exam-ready. The CFA exam requires you to answer questions quickly and accurately for 6 hours, and this program is designed to give you the skills to effectively perform on exam day.

Dallas-Fort Worth: May 6–10, 2019
New York: May 29–June 2, 2019

Live 5-Day Review Workshop includes:

  • Five days of instruction
  • Thorough review of key topics
  • Extensive work with practice questions and answer techniques
  • Instructor exam tips and strategies
  • Schweser Review Workshop Mind Maps (Review slides)
  • Schweser Review Workshop Questions (Practice questions)
  • Schweser’s Secret Sauce

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Kaplan Schweser - WindsorWeek™ Review Program - 2019 Level III CFA®

For over 50 years, WindsorWeek™ has been known as the gold standard in CFA® review. This all-inclusive, 7-day residential program completely immerses you in the CFA curriculum. Review every CFA topic and practice your exam-taking skills with some of the best instructors in CFA education. At the end of the week, put your newly acquired knowledge to the test and perform on a Live Schweser Mock Exam. Join hundreds of other candidates who come from all over the world to share in the spirit, excitement, and energy that can only be found at WindsorWeek™!

The University of Windsor
401 Sunset Avenue
Windsor, ON, Canada

May 11–17, 2019

WindsorWeek™ includes:

  • 48+ hours of expert instruction by CFA charterholders (Saturday–Friday)
  • Weekly Class Workbooks, Volume 1 & 2
  • Schweser’s Secret Sauce
  • One-on-one tutoring sessions
  • Third-length Live Schweser Mock Exam
  • Lodging and all meals included

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LevelUp BootCamps Level III CFA Review Courses

If you’re looking for the best Level III CFA review, look no further.  LevelUp BootCamps shows the Level III candidate how they can achieve peak performance for the CFA exam. LevelUp brings together the Level III curriculum like never before.  The review is a comprehensive approach to the candidate curriculum; there are no shortcuts, not with Level III.  Too many candidates get stuck not knowing how to tackle the last and arguably the hardest exam with the morning essay questions, investment policy questions and the massive time constraints.

Marc A. LeFebvre, CFA began teaching CFA review courses to the European private banks in 1995. After 20 years of helping candidates achieve their goal of earning the CFA designation, he started Level Up, LLC. With over two decades teaching CFA curriculum, Marc learned how to help the candidate succeed at the Level III CFA exam. He can help you achieve your goal, pass the exam and move on with your career, your life and your success.

2017 LevelUp BootCamps:

  • Dubai, U.A.E: April 6 - April 9
  • Toronto, Canada: April 13 - April 16
  • Boston, MA: April 20 - April 23
  • New York, NY: April 27 - April 30
  • San Francisco, CA May 4 - May 7
  • Omaha, NE: May 11 - May 14

For more information and a detailed agenda, please visit or email Marc at

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