2006, 2007 morning section

anyone have them? Mind sending them over? jpm351@yahoo.com thanks

i got them from the cfai site - has several years as pdf’s + sample answers - can’t remember the link but they’re there in the candidates area. + there are other sites out there that have prior years going back to about 2000 - they’re the real deal - with CFAI logo, & copyright marks, etc - probably a breach for me to post the link - but they’re easy to track down…

here’s the cfai link http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/courseofstudy/essaylevelthree.html goes back 3 years…

null - much appreciated.

Didn’t someone have a link to real CFA exams going back to 2000? I searched but had no luck. I think this would be good practice for the PWM and II morning questions. I would not even bother with anything else as the curriculum changed a lot since then (there’s no need to increase the panic level for no good reason at this point). Thanks,

Yeah, I forgot where I saw the link originally but here it is: http://www.aimrcfa.com/samplequestions