401K to a Roth

Yup. How about you?

WFG - Where are you? What kind of work do you do? What CFA level you working on? I’m currently in Minnetonka… soon to be in MPLS. Just passed L1… L2 in 2009.

I’m currently in Minneapolis as well. I also recently passed level 1 and will be taking L2 in 2009.

Moto - What line of work are you currently in?

I just accepted a portfolio management for high net worth individuals. Prior to this I was working as a research analyst for hedge fund. I’m now downtown the old position was in Eden Prairie. I have thankfully completed the CFA program!

Apcarlso, I’m currently an advisor with one of the larger banks in the area. Do you mind if I get your email to ask you a couple questions off the board?

Moto - apcarlson@gmail.com I can’t acess gmail from work, but will return your email tonight or over the weekend.