4th and final attempt - 2020 strategy

okay so im all about being positive and stuff, but Im crying watching this video lol. i’d expect this from a level 1 candidate…I mean come on, you’ve passed two exams already…you know what you need to do. Stop putting in time on AF and making videos and just start studying.

I’m just saying some people need to reeeeeelax a little - still work hard, but relax.

Shit man, looking back on it, I drank a ton of beer whilst studying for all three levels. Had a great time studying too now that I think about it.

Those were the days

Thanks for all the comments guys, I was away for a while. Took a break before I started studying again, which I have now. Nov start can only be a good thing.

Few people mentioning number of hours being too low. Well my L1 and L2 weren’t that high either and I passed reasonably well. I agree my second attempt in L3 was low should never have turned up for the exam as prep was too low, but the other 2 I feel were not as bad, strategies failed me there. The very first time, morning got me which most people get caught out by but this third attempt, it was the other way around. Evening got me, in particular two areas where I didn’t focus enough on Fixed Income and Equity, I should have as they had new material. I didn’t cover my bases and that’s my fault. Another note on CFA charter, I am not desperate for it, if i was I would have passed by now. I have wanted to get through with it with minimal effort required, and I am learning a hard lesson here.

Re the videos, they don’t take that long either, 2 hours or so. Helps me learn new skills, which I value right now. It’s a hobby and we all should have hobbies. They’re mainly for people who’ve failed the exam at some point and are continuing to keep going, bit of self reflection and analysis really, not some pity party as being discussed above.

But hey you get good and bad feedback and both are welcome, my intent is to pass this time and I will work harder on it this year than i have in the previous years. That’s what I can commit to myself.

I would get the LevelUp videos and join his Bootcamp. It will pay off, just focus on the curriculum and follow Marc’s advise.

I don’t think the OP needs any advice. Who the F needs advice after 3 attempts ? Certainly I don’t. So all these claims of prep providers can be thrown out of the window. I don’t think any prep provider can make any difference to Op but he. I can’t seem to figure out the good Samaritan side of his of creating ( certainly I would love to learn, but not so much as to trade my Charter(s)) vids. And no, I am too dumb to give you any piece of advice but should you go on this ‘weedy path’ of yours…come June 2020, I cannot bet my money on you. So you set your priorities right, boy. Else, you major find any takers of your videos post August 2020.

CFA ain’t rocket science. Difficult but doable and most of all enjoyable. You decide your ride now son.


your editing is legit. I like it man, keep it up! Once you get the charter, you can look back on this and have something to be proud of.

Using previous strategies without focusing on topics in which you didn’t do well might lead to similar outcome. Solve past AM questions and practice exams on institute website.