9 Reasons People Fail the CFA® Exam (Sponsored) 💯

This is a sponsored post from Kaplan Schweser:

Whether you’re readying to sit for the CFA® exam for the first time, or you’re preparing to retake a level, it can be valuable to consider the factors that can lead to an unsuccessful outcome.

Understanding the most common root causes for failing the CFA exam will help you develop an awareness of the pitfalls to avoid. Here are the nine reasons students fail the CFA exam, and some advice for overcoming each of these issues to increase your odds of success.

1. Failed to Study Enough Hours

CFA Institute estimates it takes in excess of 300 hours to properly prepare for each level of the CFA exam. It is often hard to manage the work, social life, and study balance. And, of course, the discipline needed to maintain your studies is one of the key reasons the CFA charter is so highly valued by employers.

2. Technical Gaps in Knowledge

Attempting any level of the CFA exams with holes in your knowledge is a dangerous proposition. Remember that CFA Institute does not release past exams and prohibits candidates from discussing the contents of the exam. This means you must have mastery of all LOS to be confident of success.

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